Procedure to Apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

You need exit re-entry or final exit visa to travel back to your country if you are an Iqama holder in Saudi Arabia. There are two types of exit re-entry visa available for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia namely single exit re-entry visa and multiple exit re-entry visas. Single exit re-entry visa allows you to travel out and coming back to Saudi Arabia only once. Once you have made this visit, single exit re-entry visa expires. We have already explained in one article the procedure to apply for single exit re-entry visa. However, on the other hand, multiple exit re-entry visa allows you to go out and enter back to Saudi Arabia as many times as you want within the validity of the multiple exit re-entry visa. Here in this article, I will be providing in detail the procedure to apply for multiple exit re-entry visas for your dependents online. If due to any reason the online system does not work, you can apply for multiple exit re-entry visa through the manual system. Recommended: Apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa through Istiqdam

In order to apply for multiple exit re-entry visa online, you must have an MOI account or Abshir account. If you don’t have MOI account, follow this link to register yourself for it. Recommended: Register for Abshir (MOI) Services

If you already have an account with MOI, please log in to your account. The procedure to log in to your MOI account has been changed a little bit. Follow this link to check the updated procedure. Recommended:   Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

Make sure you have paid the fee to apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa. The fee to apply for multiple exit re-entry visa is SR 500 for 3 months and SR 200 for each additional month. Recommended: Payment of Fee for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa

After logging in to your account when new screen opens up, you need to click on “My Dashboard” and after that locate for dependents tab. Click on “More Details” button in the dependents tab.[irp]

A new screen will open where you need to look for the dependent whose multiple exit re-entry visa is to be issued. Click on “More Details” and a drop down information tab will appear on your screen containing details of the dependent. Click on “Issue Visa” button as shown in the screenshot.

A new screen will appear containing terms and conditions of the exit re-entry visa. You need to agree to the terms and conditions stated here. We have explained these terms below;

  • Visa holder will have to travel within 3 months of issuing the visa. If he does not travel, a fine will be imposed. So, if your program of going abroad is changed, you should cancel your exit re-entry visa. There is no charge of canceling exit re-entry visa. However, if you don’t cancel it within the validity of the visa, a fine of SR 1,000 is imposed.
  • If your family member has renewed the passport, new passport details would not be appearing on the MOI website. In such case, you need to contact Mandoob of your company to do “Naqal Maloomat” (Information Transfer)
  • If a mother has some children under her passport, all the children will also have to travel.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months at the time of applying for exit re-entry visa.

In the next screen, there will be two options “Single” and “Multiple”. You need to select “Multiple” option there. Multiple exit re-entry visa is issued for 180 days only. You cannot reduce or increase its tenure. In the next page, System will just ask for your confirmation.

Although it is not required to print visa since no one on the Saudi airports demand it. But you should take a hard copy along with passport. If you don’t carry the hard copy, you may have to face some problems while coming back from your country. Immigration officers in your country may ask for the hard copy. However, you can check the status of exit re-entry visa online and show it to immigration officer if you have internet access on your mobile phone. Recommended: Check Status of Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

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