Is your style of brushing hair the real cause of your hair loss?

Brushing your hair on regular basis is a very effective practice to boost hair growth. Constant brushing helps to fasten the process of rejuvenation of hair. Scalp massage is associated with detailed brushing helps to maintain the hair in a better way. Taking care of hair is very important because hair constitutes a major part of one’s personality.

In order to keep oneself healthy, one must adopt a healthy diet and a living style. Same applies for hair, if you want your hair to become healthier and strong you must brush them regularly, setting some intervals with your routine.

There are various steps that would help to enhance hair growth thus making your hair healthier and shiny. You must follow a proper hair brushing routine in order to see the magical results.

How to select a hairbrush? The boar’s hair is the most common material which produces hairbrush bristles but bristles made from porcupine are also available in the market. According to research Boar bristles helps to smooth out the cuticles and also add more shine to the hair.

These brushes are very effective in straightening the hair and they help to grip the hair when used for styling. If you have tangled hair, Nylon brushes would work best for you. They are flexible and they easily side to detangle the knots without the painful pulling of hair.

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How to Brush your Hair? Stand erect and bend your body downwards from your waist as this will help to increase the blood flow into your scalp. This circulation of blood will stimulate the nourishing process of your hair follicles accelerating the growth of new hair.

Hold the handle of your hairbrush tightly and move it from the area near to the end of your neck and sides, now bring it to the front facial hairline. Keep doing this with slow easy strokes for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

Then again, stand in erected position and try to reverse the whole procedure. This will help your hair to secrete a sebum known as “natural elixir” which boosts conditioning of the hair while adding more shine and volume to hair.

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Benefits of Brushing your Hair: Regular brushing helps to keep your scalp clean without using strong chemical shampoos.

01-Sometime uric acid crystals are deposited on the scalp; regular brushing helps to eliminate all kind of waste materials while purifying the scalp.

02-Constant brushing helps to trigger blood capillaries which stimulate the blood circulation and transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the bulb, root, and stem of the hair.

03-Many oil-producing glands are stimulated by brushing. This helps the pores of the scalp to breathe properly, retaining natural oil.

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