Saudi man finds his parents after 15 years, but they refused to accept him, WHY?

Paternity confirmation has been one of the biggest problems for those children who live in an orphanage. Recently a case has been reported where a young man is facing rejection from his parents after 15 years of the disappearance of his parents. The young man Mamdouh live in an orphanage for 15 years of his life. The parents are not willing to recognize the young man as their son and since 9 years he has been facing the same pain. The civil status department has issued a birth certificate under paternity of his parents; still, they did not give their consent to consider him their son.[irp]

The young man spent 15 years of his life in an orphanage and after his graduation, he joined civil service department. There he was shocked to know that his parents were alive and he was not an orphan at all. Later he chased as per information available at civil service department but was shocked to acknowledge that they were not agreed to take his identity under their paternity. Mamdouh took the case to court where his parents took a strange stance and his mother stated that he is the son of one of their neighbors. As per statement of his mother, Mamdouh was the son of a woman who used to visit their home often. She used to leave him at their house so that he may remain secure during her absence.

She further mentioned that when he was so younger, her mother requested her to take care of her son. She also breastfed him during the absence of her real mother. The suspected father of Mamdouh also agreed to the statement given by his wife and mother of the young man. The judge asked the woman regarding name and other information about her neighbor who was the real mother of Mamdouh as per her statement. She refused to tell anything by saying that she does not know her name. She also did not tell anything that where her neighbors have gone.

She further claimed that her neighbor asked for her social security card to get Mamdouh from the hospital as it was part of the official formality to receive the new born. As he had no other option and out of courtesy she shared her social security card with her neighbor whom she used in a wrong way for issuance of her child’s birth certificated under her name.[irp]

The judge totally rejected the story and gave his verdict in the favor of Mamdouh. He later mentioned in his remarks that the documents regarding birth certificate of Mamdouh are in possession of the suspected woman which clearly shows that she is the real mother of Mamdouh and he is a legal son. The branch manager of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Makkah told media that the litigation regarding the paternity of Mamdouh is still pending in court and he is striving hard to get his identity under paternity of his real parents.

Source: Arab News

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