Do you feel all the time hotness in your body?

In today’s modern era, many individuals experience the hotness in the body. There are a number of causes that may lead to a hot body. This condition may be an outcome of stress, menopause, hot flashes or hyperthyroidism.

Dealing with this situation can be easy as there are various home remedies that are very useful in fighting this problem. Feeling hot all the time indicates some serious health issues.

MENOPAUSE: Due to menopause, many women often feel hot and warm all the time. Due to the process of menopause, the body releases various kinds of hormones which bring shifts in the body and affects the body temperature.

As the body temperature rises, the body sweats and due to the extreme rise in the temperature, many people also experience redness of the face. This becomes an uncomfortable condition as these are known as Hot flashes.

2729 Do you feel all the time hotness in your body

Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

1-Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and adopting a healthy lifestyle actually, helps in strengthening the immune system to fight hyperthyroidism effectively.

2-Due to Hyperthyroidism, the bones become thin and weak. In order to skip this situation, one must increase the intake of Calcium and Vitamin D.

3-Meditation, yoga, and regular exercises help to relax the body by removing the toxins. Strong and healthy muscles help to fight Hyperthyroidism.

4-Methimazole and propylthiouracil are anti –thyroid medicines that help to treat thyroid but one should seek doctor’s advice before starting this medication as it can be fatal.

5-In many cases the radioactive iodine is used to reduce and treat hot feelings, it is usually taken orally as it is easily absorbed by the thyroid gland which shrinks the gland and slows down its effect. It is a long term process and the patient must wait to witness results.

6-Many people opt for surgery in order to treat the hyperthyroidism.

How to treat Hot Flashes?

1-Avoid work that accelerates stress and tries to relax.

2-Drinking right amount of water can help you to fight this condition.

3-Cut down spicy food.

4-Do not drink alcohol and quit smoking.

5-Avoid drinking too much coffee.

6-Daily exercise and yoga is another effective way to treat hot flashes.

Medical Treatment

1-Hot flashes can be treated by antidepressants like Venlafaxine like Pristiq and Effexor, Fluoxetineto like Prozac and Sarafem, and Paroxetine like Pexeva and Paxil. These antidepressants are very effective for women who cannot opt for hormone therapy.

2-Hormone Therapy is one of the ways by which we can treat hot flashes. Estrogen and progesterone are used to mitigate the hot flashes in this therapy.

3-HYPERTHYROIDISM: Thyroid disorders cause hotness of the body. Due to excessive production of Thyroxin by the Thyroid Gland, the body creates more and more heat.

If this feeling continues to stay for a longer period of time, it indicates that the person is suffering from the hyperthyroid syndrome. The person must consult a good doctor immediately.