Should we eat before or after Exercise to lose weight?

There is a close relationship of exercise with a person’s eating habits. Whether a person is an athlete or a very good football player or does normal brisk walk every day to remain fit, eating has a profound effect on exercise and vice versa. 

It is confusing whether to eat before the exercise or after it. We hope the information below helps you to decide what is good for you.

Exercise in the Afternoon: It is a very common fact that food takes almost 2 to 3 hours to completely digest. So if one exercises vigorously after a meal, he/she may feel nauseated very easily. Also, blood is needed to digest your food and absorb nutrients, so it is busy in this job which is why it is suggested that you should eat after exercise.

This helps build up muscle mass the when you eat after exercise, as the glycogen is consumed and the levels are low. Eating help restores the glycogen stores and assists recovery from exercise. Post workout meal ideas:

  • Whole wheat toast with 1 to 2 poached eggs
  • Oatmeal or whole grain cereal with fruits and milk
  • Whole wheat pasta with chicken, eggplant or broccoli
  • Stir-fried chicken with vegetables like carrot
  • Whole wheat tortilla with beans, low-fat cheese, and salsa

2696 Should we eat before or after Exercise to lose weight

Exercise in the Morning: If a person is exercising in the morning, the eating schedule depends on the nature of the exercise. For a light exercise, like a brisk walk or jogging, a glass of fresh juice or water will suffice.

But for vigorous, stannous exercises, it is best to consume some ‘easy to digest’ carbs like oranges, bananas, fruit cocktail, or plain bagel. This is necessary because, after a long night, the essential carbs are not sufficient now to carry out your daily processes.

A quick fuel is needed before a workout to provide with enough energy. A light snack, one hour before exercise, is best for early birds. These snacks might include an apple, orange or cereal. Water should be consumed before and after the exercise, to keep oneself hydrated, especially in the morning, to remain hydrated throughout the day.

Should we eat before or after Exercise to lose weight: On one hand, an empty stomach is the best condition to exercise in order to burn and melt away your fat, to lose weight and provide you with energy. 

On the other hand, taking light carbs before exercise helps you in providing sufficient energy to carry out vigorous exercises to burn your fat and lose weight. This helps you to burn more fat and lose more calories.

If you are exercising not to lose weight, but only to keep yourself fit and healthy, you can eat before a workout.  If you want to lose weight and you do not feel enough energy to exercise, consume some light carbohydrates to provide you with energy to exercise and burn calories. In this case, you need to burn more than you consume, which is the key factor.

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