7 Daily Exercises to Improve your Eyesight

To look after your eyes, is equally important, as you look after the organs of the other of the body. It is a pair of the globular organ that helps us to see, visualize, gaze and examine our surroundings. We keep ourselves connected to this world as we see things from our eyes. Eyesight is one of the blessings but one can simply lose this treasure if not taken care of. There are many reasons which can accelerate the process of losing one’s eyesight. Excessive eye tension and fatigue are the two main factors that can lead to weak eyesight. So, this article will focus on the ways and tips by which you can better take care of your eyes while retaining healthy eyesight. These simple and quick eye exercises can help you to maintain healthy eyesight. But make sure when you do these exercise, your hands must be clean so that no germs are transferred into your eyes while causing some infection. These exercises are very effective if you are feeling tired or sleepy.[irp]

WARM EYES: Take your fingers upward to your eyes and while closing your eyes rub your fingers around your eyes in a circular movement. Repeat this action for 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure you are relaxed and in a calm mood while doing this exercise.

FOCUS: Hold any object (a book or pen) approximately two feet away from your eyes and focus on it. Then to a half a foot, bring your object closer to eyes and try to focus more on the object. After this move the object back to its initial original place an*d focus again. Repeat the same procedure for 10 minutes.

ZOOM: This is very similar to focusing. You can use your hand instead of an object. Take your hand two feet away from your eyes then zoom. After that, take your hand 6 inches closer to your nose.

USE OF PALMS: Sit back and relax while placing both of your palms on the eyes. Gently massage around the eyes to relax them. You can also put your palms on closed eyes, to attain relaxation.

ROLL UP AND DOWN: Just roll your eyes up and down without stressing too much. While looking up you can circle your eyes in a clockwise direction for ten minutes. Repeat the same exercise in an anti-clockwise direction.

BLINKING: Whenever the eye blinks everyone experiences a short period of darkness. Blinking of eyes helps to reduce fatigue and stress. Blink your eye for every three seconds, for one minute. Repeat this at least for 3 minutes.

MASSAGE YOUR TEMPLES: Using the knuckles of your thumb you can gently massage your temples in a circular direction for 20 times clockwise. Repeat the same exercise 20 times counter clock wise.


Eat healthy food including fresh fruits and vegetables especially carrots.

Don’t work obsessively, rest your eyes.

Always take breaks while working on laptops or watching TV.

Keep these screens at a distance from your eyes to avoid eye fatigue.

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