An 80 Years old Lady who works 14 hours a day on the roads of Riyadh

An elderly woman nearly 80 years of age was seen begging on the roads of Riyadh. It is reported that many people witness that she has been seen at cafeterias and even at police stations. She has been begging at the Al-Fouwaleen Street since many years. It is reported in the local media that the 80 years old woman is begging almost 14 hours daily. She walked almost from north to west daily. It is reported in the Local media that eye witness told that the old woman walks a milestone daily. Before zuhr prayer, she starts walking from the King Fahd Road on the way to a Mosque which is located nearby the National Museum. She found much donations and charities at that place. It looks like daily a marathon.[irp]

When all the people come out of the mosque after the prayer, she walks toward them and used the different tactics of begging to get money or charities from them. It is quoted in reports that by the midnight, the old lady returns to her home at Abi Althanaa Al-Baghdadi Street somewhere in Al Wisham District. For many years, she has been living on these roads by walking here with a blue plastic bag having the words Al-Faisilliyah on it in English and Arabic both languages. She collects food items and water given to her by the people passing away her. She contains all the items in her bag along with some riyals donated to him with these bread and food items.

People who are watching her for years told the local media that the lady could walk properly a few years back but with the passage of time and growing age factor bend her while walking.  It is stated that not only in Saudi Arabia but in the whole Gulf State, perhaps she might be the only woman who wears plastic slippers and walk so much. It is said that she never answers any of your queries. She is only interested in food or money. If you ever asked her how is she doing or anything else, the only reply you got from her is that give me riyals and go.  Strangely, the eyewitnesses never saw any charitable person notice her walking on the Al-Fouwaleen Street or asked her to take her to some old house or shelter home.

So many rich people stop by her and offer her charity. Many luxury cars stop when she is walking on the roads. Especially women and children step down from these luxurious cars and donate her few riyals. But it is observed that none of them ever talked to her about her life. No one would ever ask her where she lives.  Where her home is? What about her family? How is her health?[irp]

You will never see her talking to anyone. She does not have a cell phone. She does not wear a watch. Her thin legs will tell the whole story of her life. We could say that she is probably walking and begging around the roads before the time these buildings or towers built. At this stage of life, it is recommended that some officials would facilitate her so she can spend rest of the years of her life in peace and harmony.

Source: Arab News

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