The Group behind making this prank video has been arrested by the Saudi Police

The Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution has started investigations into a strange case of harassment happened in Saudi Arabia. A group of men made a video which showed that a cruel father slaughtered his son brutally. The video has clearly shown the harassment material and was made in such a way that anyone could feel horrified. These criminal minded men made such terrible video just to please their guests but their bad luck the video went viral on internet and people showed a strong reaction to such stupidity. The video provoked security forces to take immediate action against the persons and now they are behind the bars.[irp]

Everyone was shocked to see such horrible which had shown that a father murders his son by slaughtering him with a knife. Later he satisfactorily washes off his hands without any regret on the loss of his son. The video makers have clearly shown a liquid depicting blood of the slaughtered boy which has horrified public more. Different reactions from people were noted on such ugly prank and they were even more shocked to learn that the video was just a prank from a group of insane men.

Public on social media strongly condemned the rubbish idea of making such videos which cause fear and insecurity among the public. The theme of the video is ridiculous and has made fun of strong and trust worthy relationship between a son and father. The shock and fear of public turned into anger and fury when they got to know that the video was just a prank which they made for the happiness of their guests.

Everyone went speechless due to the damn stupid idea of such prank. Authorities took notice of such criminal idea and made investigations in order to get to know why such horrible idea was pictured. After making initial investigations, police have arrested 3 people who made such fear creating a video. The accused persons comprised of a group who are in their twenties and thirties. The persons who are found to be involved in this idea are mature enough to understand the intensity associated with the idea.

Despite this, they captured such video and made it viral on media which created a sense of resentment and dissatisfaction among the general public. Bureau of investigation has taken these criminal minded people under its consideration and have directed inquiry in order to find out the actual motive behind this idea.  As per spokesperson of Bureau of the investigation, such idea and activities leave a bad impression on the outer world about peace and security concerns in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The Kingdom has high numbers of expatriates who are concerned about their security. It is a social responsibility of everyone to take care of others but maintaining an environment of peace and openness. Terrorism is the biggest threat to the world especially for Muslim countries, in this scenario public should show grave interest for rejecting criminally minded ideas by promoting healthy activities.

Source: Arab News

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