Driving Licenses issued by 33 countries can be exchanged with Dubai Driving License

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a circular according to which 33 nationalities are allowed to get a driving license without any hurdle or further testing process in UAE.

GCC Countries: These nationalities are included due to the fact that traffic rules and driving difficulties are same for Dubai and these 33 nationalities. The list of these 33 nationalities includes Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman among GCC countries. The nationals of these countries can get a permanent driving License in Dubai by submitting their homeland driving license.

European Countries: Besides the GCC, there are several countries from Europe which are included in the list of nationalities who are allowed to get a permanent driving license.

The list of European countries includes Spain, Germany, Norway, Austria, Belgium Holland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, France, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal, and Denmark.

The nationals of above-mentioned countries don’t have to fulfill retest requirements and can easily get a permanent driving license in Dubai.

American and African Countries:  Some countries which are on the top exclusive list include United States of America, South Africa, and Canada.

Asia and Oceania: Some other countries which make a license from Asia and Oceania region are Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Japan. These countries have to get new licenses by the following the complete procedure of applying for a driving license.

Can a resident of these countries avail this option? One of the most frequently asked questions is that if a resident of these countries who have been issued a driving license from the respective countries can exchange his driving license with Dubai Driving License?

For example, if someone has ever worked in Saudi Arabia on Iqama and has a valid driving license issued from Saudi Arabia, can he exchange it with the Dubai Driving License?

The Answer is “NO”. You need to be a national of these countries to be eligible to exchange it.

Arabic Translation: As per instructions of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) the nationals of Greece, Canada, Hong Kong and South Korea are required to submit an English or Arabic translation of permanent driving license issued by their homeland countries.

List of Countries

4-Saudi Arabia
16-United Kingdom
25-United States of America
26-South Africa
29-Hong Kong
30-New Zealand
32-South Korea

Normal Procedure to Apply for Dubai Driving License: The countries except these 33 nationalities require their nationals to follow the complete procedure to get a verified permanent driving license in Dubai. The simple procedure includes following steps; 

1-The candidates should apply for driving license fulfilling all documentation and fee requirements.

2-The second step will require the candidate to pass knowledge test which will include traffic sign knowledge. 

3-The next and third step is to give road test. The candidate has to pass a road test in order to get the license. 

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