Asian Housemaid commits suicide at Jeddah Airport

An expatriate housemaid committed suicide in a parking area of Jeddah Airport by hanging herself with a piece of cloth on the north terminal. The incident reported by pedestrians passing through the area to police and security forces recovered her body down from the hanging rope. The heirs of Asian maid were informed later by the security forces and the dead body of the maid was sent to the hospital for further formalities. The death cause is still a mystery and it is not evident why the maid went to such an extent that she committed suicide. The incident has made everyone sad especially expatriates felt a bit insecure about the circumstances which dragged the maid to such an extreme.[irp]

Medical staff and forensic experts completed medical checkup of a maid in order to find any clue that she might be murdered instead of that she committed suicide. Till now nothing has pointed towards the murder of that lady and securities are sure that she has committed suicide. When doctors reached the location, she was already dead for hours. The Asian maid was in the mid of her 50’s. The news has gone viral on social media which has created a sense of curiosity among the public regarding death cause of maid. 

Almost every house has a maid which belongs to foreign region especially from Philippine. Expatriates are given equal rights in Kingdom and the government has been striving hard to make them feel at home. Still, there are so many grudges which create a sense of insecurity among these expatriates and they feel uncomfortable during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

The major difference is in the culture of Asian and Arab regions. Another big problem for these maids is that their Kafeel (sponsor) often burden them with over work load whereas they are underpaid. The input output ratio of work and reward for these workers is totally imbalanced and they hardly make up their livings in Saudi Arabia. Luckily few sponsors consider it their inherent right to enjoy life on equal terms like other natives of Saudi Arabia but such families are few.

Asian women find it difficult to adjust to Saudi culture due to different rules and regulations. Anyhow, veil and Abaya does not make a difference for them. The basic problem for them is the inappropriate behavior of people which make them uncomfortable at their workplace. Despite strict punishment announced by the government, sexual harassment is an increasingly troublesome factor for these workers.[irp]

Some sponsors retain passports of these maids and don’t let them visit their countries on the set terms which were negotiated at the time of work agreement. These maids feel deprived while they miss their families and low salaries also make them feel sad and disappointed. Things have to be improved as these maids are striving hard for the betterment of Kingdom. It is moral responsibility of everyone to take care of their concerns and make them feel at home while they are serving in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab News


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