12 Best Excuses if you fall asleep in Office during working hours

Work is stressful. You’re tired, and all you need is one of those Google sleep pods. It is chair-helmet combination allows the employees to take a quick nap on the job. You see that your employer company just doesn’t function like Google. These blood-sucking companies are just squeezing out every working minute.

Even if they could pressurize you for more efficiency to drink your lunch rather than wasting time eating, they would probably don’t hesitate to go for it. For your information, Sweden just approved the 6 working hours reducing it from the normal 8 hours.

Sweden has done it for their employee’s better performance. But I don’t think so that would happen in our country in the coming future. If you ever just fall in self-control and fall asleep, here are the numbers of excuses that might escape you from responsibility or duty. 

2647 12 Best Excuses if you fall asleep in Office during working hours

1-The most common justification one could make while sleeping in working hours is just pretending like I’m not sleeping, I’m just taking my eyes off and resting and relaxing them.

2-Due to some medical health issues, my consultant advised me not to have coffee any longer. My doctor does not allow me to take coffee and it’s almost 2 days passed. Feeling Sleepy and lazy is just withdrawal symptoms craving for coffee.

3-The reason of feeling sleepy is that my stock of Qahwa at home is run out of stock.

4-The funniest excuse is my table just requested me to have some rest, and letting down such genuine offer would be unethical for me. It would’ve been rude to say no.

5-I returned very late from 3omra yesterday night. The place was fully crowded.

6-I am just retrieving my Imaginative creative ideas and thoughts. Which is just stored deep back in mind.

2647 12 Best Excuses if you fall asleep in Office during working hours 01

7-Another excuse which an employee can give to his boss is that he was setting an example for the newcomers and fresh employees by showing them how they should not behave and what they should not do at work.

8-I am just doing research on the effects of sleep on your work efficiency. I am about to write a report on it.

9-I was not sleeping. I was just proving the other people wrong. Some people in the office often said that I am a work addict, and also named me as “workaholic” so I had to prove them wrong

10-While sleeping at your desk, you raise your head and your boss is looking at you! You could just make an excuse that I was not sleeping; I was thinking and meditating on the mission statement and visualizing a new standard!”

11-Another Excuse to Use When Caught Napping at Work, I have to cover up for my last Ramadan as I didn’t sleep properly. This is my Ramadan outcome.

12-I went to a Saudi marriage ceremony last night, and the zaffa arrival of bride and groom happened very late almost at 3:00 am.

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