8 Tips to use Gas Cylinders at your home safely to avoid Incidents

Gas Cylinder kept at your home has the tendency to get blast like a bomb. It is very important to take appropriate safety measures to avoid any mishap or incident. More than 90% of the population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to use gas cylinders to fulfill cooking and other related needs. Mishandling of these cylinders may cause a great harm to the users; we are sharing a few tips for a safe usage of gas cylinders. Everybody who has an LPG Cylinder at home must take care of the important factors regarding the safety of gas cylinders.[irp]

1-Storage place of Cylinder: It is at the top of the list that what shall be the proper storage place to keep the cylinder at? Whether a cylinder is in use or the cylinders are stored at home to be used later, it is important to place them at a safe place. The cylinders shall be placed at the well-ventilated place at home. The cylinders shall never be directly exposed to sunlight or any of the other sources of heat. The cylinders shall also be kept away from flammable substances and electrical sockets.  If the cylinder is to be placed outside, it shall be kept in a cabinet that has wire net at the bottom of it, so that the LPG can escape in the air, if there is a leak in the cylinder.

2-Positioning the Cylinder: The cylinder containing LPG shall always be kept on a firm and level surface and its position must be vertical (The bottom of cylinder shall be touching that level surface and regulator side of the cylinder shall be upwards). It shall never be rolled or placed horizontally in order to get more pressure etc. It is strongly recommended that the regulator and valve of the cylinder shall be within easy reach of the users.

3-In case a leak is suspected: If a user feels the smell of gas spread in the air, it might be because of a leakage of LPG cylinder. It is extremely dangerous to light a lighter to confirm the leakage. Lighting a lighter can easily lead to a widespread fire or explosion. If a leak is suspected, the gas cylinder shall be turned off from the regulator at the first place. Instead of using a lighter, soap and water solution shall be used. If there is leakage, soapy water will produce bubbles and the leak will be detected without any harm and if the connection is good and there is no leakage, the soap water will flow away as a liquid.  It is important that no electrical appliance shall be turned on or off from the on and off button. All the windows and doors of the home shall be opened so that the leaked gas can disperse in the air. If the leakage is still going on, concerned people shall be called to handle the cylinder and meanwhile, cylinder shall be immediately placed in a well-ventilated place.

4-Replacement of Gas Cylinders:  For the safety of LPG users a list of authorized LPG providers is issued. People shall contact only those approved distributors to get a new or replaced cylinder. While purchasing a new one only authorized people shall be contacted and when a used one needs to be replaced people shall call only the same person to get the replacement for their cylinder. The cylinder shall be replaced with a company filled and sealed cylinder, one shall not choose manual re filling of the cylinder.

5-Maintenance: It is important to keep the cylinder in a well-maintained condition. In fact, if a problem occurs with any of the parts of LPG Cylinder, it may not be so clear to be noticed easily. Normally, the accidents occur because of malfunctioning of any of the parts. Therefore, experts recommend that check-ups shall be done on regular basis.  The user shall always check that the cylinder is not having any dent, rust or any kind of damage. Cylinder’s validity shall always be kept in consideration, based on the date of manufacture and retest dates are helpful in this regard. These dates are usually written on the cylinder’s bottom plate. Whenever the maintenance of cylinder is required, an authorized company shall only be contacted for this job, authorization here means the authorization by “Civil Defense Department”. Similarly, if an accessory is to be purchased, it shall only be purchased from an authorized gas distributor.

6-Transportation of Gas Cylinders: Usually people do mistake when it comes to the transportation of cylinder. It is observed that some of the users are habitual to roll it from a place to another. One shall never roll the cylinder and the cylinder shall never be thrown or dropped on the ground. It is important to note that the valve of the cylinder is to be kept upwards always.

7-It is highly recommended that when the LPG is not in use and especially while leaving the house, the valve or regulator of Cylinder shall be turned off. Unexpected accidents can easily be avoided if people take care of this vital safety tip.[irp]

8-It is important to note that only one cylinder shall be connected to one cooking or other appliance at a time. Usage of the regulator is also important; it is recommended that only a permitted low-pressure regulator that is made for domestic usage is to be installed and it shall be kept in the company made condition and shall never be tampered with.

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