9 Reasons why we wait for Thursday from the beginning of the week

Weekends are the most delightful moments of everybody’s life. It feels the sun is shining bright on last working day and birds are singing sweet songs. Joy is at its peak and every minute is full of energy and charisma. You can hardly find a person here in KSA who will not be feeling happy on Thursday.

From the start of the week people keep on waiting for Thursday to come and when it arrives, the happiness of employees is worth watching. Besides the happiness associated with a typical weekend, Thursday has several others reasons for a person to feel happy and relieved.

01-The Pre-Weekend day: What’s better than the pre-weekend night? Nothing else! Thursday is loved and waited most obviously because it is followed by the shiny day of Friday. The happiest moment of everybody’s life.

02-The energy level is highest: The energy level is highest on the last working day that is Thursday for sure. Everyone wants to do something productive and creative. Even those who are so much interested in doing work, try to give their best output just to make themselves feel satisfied that they worked the whole week and deserve a peaceful holiday.

03-Parties rock on Thursdays: Whichever party is due in an office, whether is a birthday bash or official welcome or farewell lunch, every party has to be celebrated on Thursdays. Fun workshops are also to be held on Thursdays. Thursday seems the second name of blessing for Saudi people.

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04-Courtesy at its peak: If you are new in Saudi Arabia, you must have noticed one thing that everybody switches to courtesy mode on Thursday. Even if something annoying happens, people digest it easily and happily if it happens on Thursday.

So you can commit a blunder on Thursday, hopefully, circumstances will not be that much horrible like other days of a week 😉

05-A lot of activities to do: If you will start counting that what you want to do on weekends, there must be an endless list. Enjoying at the beach, exploring restaurants, sleeping for hours and hangouts with friends, these are few tops of the list activities of most of the people on weekend.

06-A loud no to dieting: There is no concept of dieting on the weekend or a day before it. Thursdays are open for cheating dieting and eating till the stomach starts hurting.

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07-Road Mania: Thursday is the best day to enjoy road trips. You can go on a long drive without fearing tiredness and no need to hurry to go back home. It holidays on the next day and you can visit any place whether it is a desert or dessert.

08-Black Thursday offers: Like black Friday in West, stores in KSA offer special discounts and deals on Thursdays. You can avail huge discounts and enjoy your desired things on weekdays with a happy and heavy purse still after the bulk of shopping.

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09-Movie marathon: No worries about getting up early in the morning, so you are free to watch more than one movie on Thursday.

Source: Destination KSA


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