How 5 Infants died overnight in a Hospital in Baha, Saudi Arabia?

The parents bearing the loss of the five infants persuaded the Ministry of the Health to carry out an investigation as the incident took place at the King Fahd hospital situated in Baha. According to the reports, the five infants lost life one after another during one night in the pediatric intensive care unit. After seeking for results the Ministry of Health put forward the report which declares that three other infants lost their lives due to severe infection in the same hospital previously in the month of September. But the news was not revealed by the hospital and was kept under the table until the new case of infant deaths took place. The number of former and the latter infant deaths confirmed that 8 infants lost their lives in the same hospital after the dreadful incident leading to the death of the 5 babies.[irp]

The Ministry spokesperson reported that the case is still under the stage of extensive investigation and the Ministry of Health will announce the result later on in press statement. Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi, the parent of the infants condemns the negligence of the hospital and said that the Ministry of Health should not delay the process of investigation as the affected families would stand strong against the hospital authorities unless they receive satisfactory results. Moreover, this kind of case has not taken place in any other hospital in which all 5 infants died immediately in a row.

The parents claim that they will not accept any irrelevant statement as the hospital authority is presenting irrational reasons in response. They are hopeful that the Ministry of Health will disclose all the facts and figures in black and white. The family also demands the accountability of the hospital employee who was responsible for the death of the babies’. He further added that the family has also hired a personal lawyer who will probe for the relevant investigation leading to the authentic result.

Mohammad Al-Ghamdi, who suffered the death of his infant in the month of September, told the press that he is not satisfied with the investigation committee organized by the Ministry of Health. The investigation committee did not contact any of the family members for their input which can affect the probing process and the result would be based on information gathered only from the hospital authorities ignoring the viewpoint of the parents.

Al-Ghamdi, further added that it was very peculiar as the hospital quickly handed over the dead bodies of the infants to the parents the same night when they died.  Since no government authority contacted them so they are not happy about the investigation and considers it to be a doubtful one.[irp]

Another parent Ali Al-Zahrani told the media that when he asked the hospital authority to conduct his interview, he was sent back as the investigation committee has completed their investigation. He warned the hospital authorities that he will seek justice from high court also.

Source: Arab News


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