20 Years Jail and 2,000 lashes to blackmailer for seeking sexual favors

Blackmailing is a serious crime everywhere in the world, especially when it comes to KSA, it has serious consequences. Recently Media has reported about punishment of a young man who got punished by the criminal court due to his black mailing attempt. A young man in his twenties allegedly raped a house wife and then took her picture in an unreasonable condition. The woman kept on resisting but the man violated her brutally.[irp]

The story did not end here, after the physical abuse he took her nude pictures and blackmailed her that he will publish her naked picture on the internet if she will not co-operate with him. The threatened woman did not dare to report police first but when she faced constant imposition from rapper she took a chance and reported the matter to religious police. On her reporting, the police took action and arrested the man.

After the arrest, the rapper did not accept allegations put by victim house wife but when policemen asked him strictly he confessed his crime. He admitted to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution that he not only raped a helpless and innocent woman but also took her pictures. Later he wanted to continue his physical relationship with her, for this reason, he used pictures as a weapon and sent threats to the victim. He was not expecting that much bravery from the victim that she will report the matter to police. The police presented the criminal in a criminal court where he is sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment and 2,000 lashes in front of the public.

This punishment can never revive the confidence and self-esteem of victim woman but it is an exemplary punishment. The lashes have to be beaten in several parts, each part will consist of 70 lashes. He will be lashed in front of the general public in different commercial markets. The court has also ordered that his name should be announced openly when he will be lashed and his face has to be exposed properly. The basic purpose of this punishment is to set an example that no one even thinks about such crime again.

One session of lash punishment has already done in which he has lashed in a commercial market after Isha prayer. During that round of 70 lashes, a crowd was present there to watch his punishment along with several security agency officials and members of HAIA. It is expected that general public will learn a lesson from this severe and exemplary punishment and society will not face such cases again in future. Rape is a major crime in KSA still the increasing ratio of raping is an alarming situation for authorities and public both.[irp]

It depicts societal frustration and immoral behavior of Muslim. The sad realities are that the majority criminals in rape and kidnapping cases are Muslims despite severe punishment for this act from religion and Prophet (PBUH). The only solution to avoid this dilemma is to create religious and social awareness among people.

Source: Arab News


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