10 Underrated Destinations in Saudi Arabia

There are so many destinations in KSA where visitors don’t prefer going. Simply speaking these places are underrated and people don’t know about the actual beauty and charisma present there. Some of the popular places for tourists are Taif, Madain Saleh, Ad-Diriyah, and Abha. People visit these places throughout the year but some other places keep on waiting for tourist whole year. Not only tourists, native Saudi also hardly visit and explore the fantasy of these places. If you are new in KSA, you can visit these places along with other famous places. For sure you will feel close to nature and will spend quality time. Some of these infamous destinations are;[irp]

Ha’il: This place is associated with stories of legendary poet Hatim Tai. He was one of the most generous people on this planet according to these stories. People near this place are really generous and feel pride while hosting travelers. There is also a well know mud palace near this place known as Al Qishlah.

Unaizah: It is the best to place for short stay. This is a small city where people celebrate 12 traditional festivals every year. Al Ghadha festival and the kingdom of dates are two famous festivals of this city. This city is also known as “Paris of Najd”.

Al-Kharj: King Abdul Aziz’s Palace in Al-Kharj is one of the most famous places for visitors there. The traditional item of this place is a number of mud brick homes with roofs covered with dried palm leaves mixed with mud. A Large well is another good site to visit there. Recommended: 3 Places to visit in The City of Al-Kharj

Jabal Hassan Island: You can enjoy Island life while you tour to Jabal Hassan Island. It will give you an opportunity to visit the whole island without any disturbance. The place is calm and vacant, you can experience the feeling of being in the Farasan Islands while you visit there.

Tayma: It is an oasis where a 2500 years old well is situated at the mid of city. The well is called Haddaj well and tourists can visit there anytime freely. There are also several museums there, two famous museums are Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Thee Ain: Thee Ain is a destination site for visitors with pleasant weather, hearth robbing land scape and greenery everywhere. It is also known as Marble village; its history belongs to 400 years old village which is situated at the top of the mountain with white stones. Recommended: Thee Ain Heritage Marble Village in Al Baha, Saudi Arabia

Domat Al Jandal: This idealistic destination linking back to 10th Century BC is famous for impregnable fortification known as Ma’rid castle. Under the foundation of this castle, an old city is buried. Another famous symbol of this location is an ancient mosque with prominent minaret which was commissioned by Omer Farooq (RA). Recommended: Omar Bin Al Khattab Masjid in Jouf, Saudi Arabia

Rijal Alma: This village gives an appearance of a museum with a range of mountains behind it. Visitors can go there by using cable car from Souda National Park complex. Recommended: Rijal Alma (Stone Village) near Abha, a treat to watch for nature lovers

Ukhdood: Being mentioned in Quran, this city is one of the oldest cities of KSA. Two Millennia ago, it was one of the most famous trading centers in Arab.

Khyber: The most attractive feature of this place is that it is an oasis which is surrounded by palm trees. This place has a great religious significance as well, associated with the time of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

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