“Wallahi” Why do so many people swear these days in Saudi Arabia?

Swearing is a bad Habit: Profanity of character has increased to such an extent in a society that people have simply lost inherited trust in each other. Now day’s people have considered it an easy way to prove their goodwill and sincerity by swearing on God and religious references.

Swearing is a bad habit and does not cause any benefit instead it creates suspicion among people. Islam has strictly prohibited the use of swearing unless it is very necessary. During initial days of Islam people used to swear in order to prove their authenticity and truth.

False swearing was considered the biggest sin before Islam: Arabs considered it the biggest sin to lie even before the evidence of Islam. During that time swearing was taken as the heaviest guarantee that a person is true.

However, things are not the same in the modern era. People have made a custom of using swear in their normal daily conversation. They don’t even care that they are cursed by God and angles when they take false swear. Due to the increasing use of false swears, people hardly trust a swearing person.

Once a farmer lost his cow: A story is also famous for bullies who do nothing even in the crucial situation but take swears and start cursing each other. Once upon a time, in a village, a farmer lost his cow. He was sure that his cow was stolen by the guards of the rulers of his village.

He went to the ruler to make a complaint and to get back his cow home. The ruler started cursing his guards and took swear many times that he did not know about stealing of any cow. The farmer accepted his apology and waited for recovery of his cow.

When he saw that ruler is doing nothing to help him but just taking swears and cursing his guards, he moved towards outside. The ruler called him back and asked where he is going, he replied if the only thing you can do for my help is cursing and swearing, it’s better for me to visit bullies in my neighbors.

The trend of swearing: On social media, the trend of swearing has gone very common. It has become a normal practice and people take it as the easiest way to make others believe that they are right. Even Muslim scholars who are role Model of Islam use swearing words easily without realizing its impact on whole Ummah. 

Recently judicial court of one of the countries in the Middle East had put huge fines for people who use ‘swear’ word on social media messenger WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Swearing as a weapon to prove the truthfulness: Public figures, actors, scholars and many others who have known identity in society use swearing as a weapon to prove the truthiness of their words.

They don’t even realize that their sayings would become less worthy when they would use such casual things in their conversation. The bad habit of swearing has shown us the real character of people who are normally seemed like a role model in society.

Source: Saudi Gazette