10 Reasons Why Saudi Residents Feel at Home in Dubai

The Middle East has the same kind of environment for all Arabs, you can find a different type of cultures but still, there is monotony among all Arab countries. Especially Saudi Arabia has grave resemblance with Dubai.

When a Saudi resident travels to Dubai he hardly suffers from homesickness as Dubai feels for him like home. There are so many reasons for which Saudi residents feel at home while staying in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most liked countries for Saudis as they find there everything like Saudi Arabia. The major reasons for what people feel at home during their stay in Dubai are;

01-Traveling to Dubai is same like traveling inside Saudi Arabia: If you ask anyone that has he been outside during this year and he did not except Dubai, he will reply no.

People don’t consider traveling to Dubai as traveling outside because they feel as if they are traveling from one city to another city inside Saudi Arabia.

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02-Same Kind of weather: Weather in Saudi Arabia and Dubai resembles sharply that’s why it does not make any difference if a person travels from Saudi Arabia to Dubai.

When we board an airplane, the weather announcements are like “the weather outside the plane is 40 C and when we reach Dubai it is like 41 C.

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03-Same traffic mess: Traffic junk is the same in both states, people who feel sick due to the traffic load on roads of Saudi Arabia face the same in Dubai. The roads of Saudi Arabia and Dubai both are crowded with a same lot of cars.

04-Superlative lovers: Both countries have some unique and exceptional places and building. Dubai has the world’s largest choreographed fountain and Saudi Arabia has the world’s tallest fountain.

Dubai has artificial Islands on sea surface; Saudi Arabia has Buhairat City and Durat Al Aroos which are reclaimed lands in the sea. The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is in Dubai, Saudi Arabia is also constructing the world’s tallest building.

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05-Same culture: Saudi’s and Dubai natives have sharp resemblance in their culture. Food, dresses, choices, fashion and major other features of both nations are widely the same.

06-Free movement facility: Citizens of both countries can easily move here and there without any Visa requirement. You only need to book an online air ticket and you are ready to go. Welcome to Dubai!

07-Dubai has Saudis everywhere: No matter where you are moving to Dubai, you will find Saudi here and there and everywhere you go.

Whether it will be a shopping mall, a hotel or a cinema, Saudi fellows will be present to welcome you.  In fact, sometimes I feel that there are more Saudis in Dubai than Emiratis.

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08-Traditional siblings: There is a sharp similarity in culture, tradition, and history of Saudis and Emiratis. The natives of both countries are very hospitable towards each other.

09-Low price air ticket: Air tickets while traveling from Saudi Arabia to Dubai are even cheaper than intercity airfares of Saudi Arabia.

10-Same kind of product usage: Fashion brands to grocers, Emiratis and Saudis use the same kind of brands. So you can easily find your kind of products in Dubai everywhere.

Source: Destination Saudi Arabia