Man in his 50s attempts to rape a woman in MAKKAH!

It has been reported that a middle aged citizen attempted to rape a woman in Makkah. The man who is in his fifties has been taken to jail. The woman needed help in Al-Otaibah as she had to go to electronic exhibition located on the third circle and had no transport. Meanwhile, she saw an old man going on the same way and asked for a lift as he looked old and graceful. The man accepted her request in a very decent way and let her in the car. On their way to the destination, the man kept on talking to her in order to keep her busy and took her attention away from the road. Meanwhile, the woman noticed that they are going on some wrong way which raised her eyebrows.[irp]

The man made lame excuses and told her that the way on which they were going will lead to the destination told by a woman. It did not happen actually and the old man drove his car to a remote area on Aarafat Road. Alarmed by the situation, the woman strived to get escape from the car. The man took her to the side area and tried to physically assault her. She tried hard to resist and somehow managed to escape the situation.

She also called help from the people present in surroundings by shouting loud. If people in surrounding could not help her she would not have escaped the evil intentions of old man. The woman also contacted police and filed a report about the incident. The police took prompt action and took the man into custody. The old man is now in police custody and waiting for the sentence of the court.

The criminal was identified through fingerprint testing and other evidence which proved about his intention to rape a woman. The Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution gave the accused rapist for remand and he will stay in the police custody until his trial is finalized. It is also reported that the person has tried to rape another woman in 1998 and again attempted despite his old age.  The ratio of kidnapping and raping case has increased to an alarming extent during last few years. Despite strict punishments especially death sentence, people are still involved in such cases.

The wondering situation is that old and married men are equally involved in such attempts even more than bachelors. During 1988, the rape offense rated at 2.19 rapes per 100,000 populations. The ratio has increased to an alarming extent of that KSA has stood at the 69th country for crime rate ratio.[irp]

The Saudi penal court has set strict punishments in order to avoid such cases but results have shown disaster. Despite the clear warning of Allah’s displease for Muslims who are involved in such attempt of adultery, even rigid and practicing Muslims are sometimes get involved in such attempts.

Source: Arab News

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