Why do Mosquitoes love to bite certain people over others?

Do Mosquitoes love to bite certain people over others? In fact, the answer is, yes! Blood type is one of the many reasons that appeal a mosquito to bite you. Many different things magnetize mosquitoes towards humans, but it is not just a fairy tale story that they find some people more attractive than others.

Generally, mosquitoes go after smells and also the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Ulrich R. Bernier is a chemist works with USDA Agricultural Research Service stated that he finds more than 340 unique smells that human skin discharge.

Some Blood Groups liked by Mosquitoes: A few types of research have shown that mosquitoes choose people with O blood group over the others. Earlier in 1972, Corinne Shear Wood and others had published a research in the magazine named Nature showed that complex spices of mosquitoes like Anopheles Gambia preferred to bite O blood group people over the others.

Another fresh research published in 2004 by using different mosquitoes like Aedes albopictus was also known as tiger mosquitoes showed the same outcomes and results.

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Mosquitoes like some smells: Scientists are trying to restrict those numbers of smells which are specifically attracting mosquitoes. The information is useful because the most attractive smells can be used as a trick to trap mosquitoes away from humans.

Scientists can also try to figure out how to create killing mosquito sprays or products to keep humans safe from this creature. But one of the rarer attractions for the mosquitoes is your blood group.

How do Mosquitoes know the Blood Group of people? It is now quite easy to determine how mosquitoes might be attracted to different certain scents, but the question is how they know the blood type of a person? A comparative study in 2004 also gave a hint to that question.

Some people have sugars in their blood type. In July 2014 a research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology. It divided test subjects into two groups to determine whether they were secretors or non-secretors?

Among those having secretors in their blood group, there is 83.3% mosquitoes landing rate on those having “O” blood group, they released a chemical signal through their skin that tells the mosquitoes which blood type. While the ratio of blood group “A” averaged only 46.5% mosquitoes landing rates.

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How they pick their favorite targets? Mosquitoes may be able to sense the chemical acids that different blood types people discharge from the skin, and use that to pick their favorite targets. So the question arises that if you are blood type O, is it necessary that you are destined to be a mosquito magnet or lure?

Well, the answer is No; things are not really like that. In 2002 according to study in the Magazine of the AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association) which later on, confirmed in 2010, there are lots of other things that appeal mosquitoes also.

Mosquitoes and people who drink Alcohol: Some of the things you don't have any control over it, like breathing out carbon dioxide. Some are the things you can control which save you from becoming a magnet for mosquitoes such as wine consumption would lure mosquito to bite you, for example, if you drink just one bottle of beer, it will make you more attractive to mosquitoes.

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Mosquitoes and the smell of Limburger cheese: Other stuff which attracts mosquitoes is the smell of Limburger cheese which is similar to the smell of stinking feet. If you sweat more, mosquitoes will come to that smell too.

They find victims by smelling the acids like lactic, uric, ammonia and other materials discharged through sweat. Having higher body temperatures made skin more appealing to Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes also like some colors: According to a research at the University of Florida mosquitoes use colors along with smells to find their victims so wearing colors like black, dark blue or red may make you easy to find.

Even if you find yourself unlucky enough of having a blood type O, you may still be less luring to mosquitoes than others who attract them in many other ways.