Is Saudization the real solution of increasing Unemployment among Saudis?

What is the real cause of unemployment? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently facing a serious issue of unemployment. The government has been taking different measures in order to address the issue on hand. There are various programs which have been started in order to create employment for the Saudi youth.

In simpler words, finding employment for the Saudi youth ultimately means a lower unemployment rate and support for the Saudi youth projects. It is extremely important to completely understand the different aspects of the problem at hand.

Without completely understanding the roots of the issue, no amount of effort will reap its true benefits and achieve the desired outcome.

The Saudi Youth needs to be provided with Training and Education: Economic DevelopmeHuge efforts are being made in the strengthening and development of the economy by the creation of a direct link between key players and decision makers in the economy, so that they may overcome and counter any problem which may cause any hindrance to economic development. Earlier on, several initiatives were started but failed soon after due to the fact that they could not produce the desired results.

The reason behind this was simple; in order to address the issue, the youth need to be provided with the highest quality of training and education in order to enable them to enter the labor market with an advantage or edge by being equipped with all of the skills, abilities, and knowledge which is required in their specific fields.

The question that arises next is whether the Kingdom has the youth centers, organizations, and universities which are completely equipped and trained to develop and train the youth. This seems to be where the first problem arises. There is a need for proper training for the youth to enable them to attain employment.

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There is no shame in any profession: The second most important thing is to remove the notion that no type of job is below the dignity of the Saudi people. Though most people would not like this, it is the truth.

Around half the jobs available are thought not to be done by the Saudis while the other half, which has higher competition, are harder to get naturally. 

While talking about the public sector, jobs have been created which were not needed, whereas, in the private sector, where profit is the main motive, no unnecessary jobs are created.

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Is Saudization the real solution? Another aspect to this is that when the same job can be done by an expatriate for a fraction of the price, why the private sector would firm higher somebody to do the same job for a far higher price.

Keeping all of the above points in our head, can we figure out the root of the problem? Can we find our way out of this issue?

Some people believe that the pressure put on the private sector due to Saudization does not allow them to strengthen themselves.  The youth do not want to go through the struggle which is necessary to attain great heights.

Source: Arab News