Procedure to get Final Exit within 3 months of arrival

All of us who have come to Saudi Arabia on Job visa know that the visa is issued for only 90 days. Employers are required to process the Iqama of employees within 90 days of their arrival to Saudi Arabia. Employees are allowed to travel all around Saudi Arabia on the basis of this visa issue for 90 days.

Why this visa is issued for 90 days? Have you ever thought about it? Well, this is because of the probation period. Every employee has the right to resign within 90 days of his arrival to Saudi Arabia if he does not find his job suitable unless specified otherwise in the contract.

Probation Rules: We have already published a detailed article about the “Probation Rules under Saudi Labor Law”. I would strongly recommend you to read it so that you can understand your rights. In case, an employee decides to resign within the probation period, he will have to follow the procedure explained in this article.

Can I Request for Final Exit within 3 monthsHowever, before making a decision to resign, you should read this article in detail “Can I Request for Final Exit within 3 months?” You should not resign from your job within probation period without reading the above article. 

Resign from your Job: First of all, you have to officially resign from your job. Normally, resignation comes with a notice period. By Saudi Labor Law, you are not required to give any notice period to your employer within the probation period.

However, I would still recommend you to give at least 30-days notice so that he can make necessary arrangements. Recommended: Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law

If Iqama has been issued: If your iqama has already been processed, the employer will issue a final exit using MOI account. Recommended: Procedure of Final Exit from Saudi Arabia

If iqama has not been issued yet, the employer will send the passport to the Jawazat for the processing of Final ExitYou will find few numbers written in Arabic at the time when your passport is returned by the Jawazat office.

These numbers are written after the issuance of final exit. You don’t need any final exit paper nowadays as the system is online.

Do's and Dont's before Final Exit: However, before leaving Saudi Arabia, I would strongly recommend you to read this article in detail. Although you don’t have to look into all the requirements many requirements apply to you. Recommended: Procedure of Final Exit from Saudi Arabia

How to come back on a new visa? In case you want to come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa with the new employer, you can easily come back to Saudi Arabia. I have explained the procedure in detail in this article “Procedure to get New Visa after Final Exit Visa