2 more girls drowned in an uncovered manhole in Saudi Arabia

It has now been many weeks since two little girls drowned to their death after they had fallen into an uncovered manhole. This unfortunate incident took place in the Al Ais governorate. The local concerned authorities have not yet released any reports into who is actually responsible for the unfortunate deaths of the two little girls. The families of Hanan and Sultana, the two victims, have stated that they are currently still grieving the loss of their children. Mohammad Saud Al Gadi, the father of Sultana stated that he is currently awaiting the report on the incident so that he can go ahead and file a lawsuit against those responsible.[irp]

However, a legal counselor has come on to state that the official report of the incident has been already released and in that report, it found that the municipality and also the project contractor is ultimately responsible for the death of the two children. Sultana’s father, Al Gadi stated that 10 days have already passed since the incident had occurred and he has not gotten even a single piece of paper which has condemned anyone for the unfortunate deaths of the young girls. He added that he had met Ali Al Braikit, the Governor of Ais, however, he was not able to ask the Governor anything related to the incident.

This was because the Governor of Ais told him that the site on which the incident occurred had been photographed by the authorities and the initial report had already been submitted to the Emir of Madinah, Prince Faisal Bin Salman.

Ahmed Al Ghamdi, who is a lawyer and a legal consultant, stated that the report made by the committee in charge of investigating this incident had found the project contractor and the municipality to be liable for the unfortunate death of the two young girls. Al Ghamdi added that the contractor and the municipality had been found to be negligent of their obligations and responsibilities and did not follow the safety and security procedures which have to be adopted by law, in every project or construction.

Al Ghamdi stated that it was the negligence which ultimately resulted in the accidental killing of the two children. He added that the perpetrators responsible for this will have to make payment of blood money to both of the families of the little girls. If both of the responsible parties do not pay blood money, then the families of the girls could take their claim for compensation to court, where they will surely have to pay.[irp]

The two little girls had drowned in an open pit which had been left behind uncovered by the contractor for the Johaina Center project which is located in the Ais governorate. It is truly a shame that people with such great responsibilities are negligent of them, even though it can cost another person their life which is the most precious thing on earth, which cannot be bought back with all the riches of this world.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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