10 Reasons, why you should be dating a School Teacher

The first crush: For every boy out there, it is natural that their first crush is their teacher. Teachers truly are wonderful people. There is a certain luck involved in finding a good teacher because there are also teachers out there who do not either like their job or like young kids.

However today we will talk about adults, not children. As we grow up, people of our age might become teachers. Naturally, you can’t help but fall for a teacher, don’t get nervous, here are a few reasons why a teacher will be a perfect life partner.

1-They are talkative: Teachers can naturally start conversations out of thin air, and this is especially useful for those of us, who seem to become muted while near a person of the opposite gender.

Teachers also have a LOT of information on the back of their mind. This comes in helpful in your everyday lives because teachers might be well versed in something which you are not aware of.

2-Cool and Calm: Dealing with little children all day grants teachers the awesome ability to keep calm at all times. Even if you are feeling overwhelmed or down, they can help you calm down, comfort you and make you forget about whatever that was bringing you down.

3-Don't want to be filthy rich: Teachers don’t really join the profession to become filthy rich, their priorities are different, so you won’t be always blamed for not earning much.

4-They can handle parents pressure: One of the most crucial times for your significant other is meeting the parents for the first time, and although you might choke up on the first sentence you utter to their parents, they will remain calm and collected because they deal with parents on a regular basis.

5-Problem Solver: If you feel you have a problem, have no worries because a teacher will have the most unique and creative solutions to those problems.

Additionally, for any teacher, no question is a stupid question, so don’t worry and ask them whatever it is that you want to ask, without any fear.

6-Motivators: Teachers are excellent motivators and can really pick you up if you are feeling down; this is an extremely important value as most of us regularly feel down at several points in a year.

7-Transparent: Teachers will always take your side whenever you are correct however, they will always tell you when you are wrong too, as a teacher they are programmed to do so.

8-Attention seekers: Another thing teacher is programmed to do is to catch your attention, and quite effectively too. Teachers always have to keep on catching the attention of the little children that they are teaching. Believe it or not, the same technique is applied to adults too.

9-Having a stupid fight? You can rely on the teacher to be mature and end the fight.

10-Full summer vacation: Finally, they will have the summers all to themselves and you can plan a vacation with them or just spend as much time as you want with them.