5 Ways in which you are helping terrorists without knowing it

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had major success in the last few years in their efforts to combat any and all types of terrorism. As a resident or citizen in the Kingdom, I strongly believe that there is a sense of security in the country and there is not a single doubt in the minds of all residents in the Kingdom that the security authorities in the Kingdom are always vigilant and ready to face any and all occasions as and when needed. There is a strong appreciation for the efforts which were made by the academicians, media personnel and scholars in spreading awareness about the plague of terrorism There are however additional efforts which are needed to be made. There are several ways in which the terrorists can still achieve their goals and all residents need to be cautious.[irp]

1-Firstly every resident should be condemning terrorism with their heart and should openly talk about condemning it. Terror groups and individuals should be realizing that almost the entire society opposes their views. This is the first step in fighting not only terrorism but also the mindset which promotes it. We all know people who oppose terrorism but refuse to openly speak about it. It is this mute devil which actually promotes the negative mindset.

2-Secondly, any person should not under any circumstance underestimate the plague we know as terrorism. Several international players are always involved in scheming against the Kingdom and they just might be somebody the people of the Kingdom never knew about. These players have their interests invested in the growth of terrorism; hence the effort must be increased to eradicate terrorism.

3-Thirdly everybody should vow to condemn terrorism and take an anti-terrorism stance rather than a neutral stance which is shown when anyone chooses to remain silent. Silence might show intelligence in some cases, but in this case, it is a weakness, which feeds the fear of Daesh which they plan on instilling in people. Fear not for your life and say no to terrorism at the top of your voice.

4-Fourthly, there is no excuse for supporting terror activities financially. People are often kind hearted and love to help out. Sometimes they do not know who they are helping and help out the terrorists. Donate money only to certified organizations and not to random charities without any information or certification. An effort should be made by those donating funds as to where and which organization they are donating money to as this can inadvertently support terrorism.

5-Fifthly make sure you do not share any of the terror activity videos being spread by terror activities. Terrorists often share violent or explicit videos to attract people on to their sites. When you receive a message or a video about any terror activities, it is advisable not to pass it on to other people as this simply promotes their activities.[irp]

Highly unfortunately many people will not follow this advice and will keep on tweeting statements of terrorists by secret terrorist twitter accounts, wondering how terrorism is spreading so quickly.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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