What is the motive behind Emails offering millions of dollars?

The evolution of the Internet: When the internet took a steep entry a few years ago, everything changed for the world. That’s when not everyone owned a desktop or a cellular device. Those were the good old days when most of the people had the amusement of cable and being glued to their television screens. I was amongst them.

I was particularly happy with paper and colors, or my favorite cartoon channel. Then came the time when things drastically changed and as the 21st Century came in, the use of computers, the internet, and mobile phones became viral and affordable. Now, you won’t even find a slum without a connection to the internet or without possessing a smartphone.

Within this time, all we can surely see and say is that we started off using the internet with sending and receiving of emails. We got happy using the electronic mail from our cousins or relatives that lived thousands of miles away.

Emails promising the world of Glory for nothing: In between those emails, came the emails of some of our “Strangers” who promised us the world of glory and bounty and all we had to do was do absolutely nothing. In this busy world, the first question would genuinely be, “How free are these people?”

The second question we would ask ourselves would be, “Why am I even reading this?” There goes a constant one-way conversation with our processing unit (Our brain).

2524 What is the motive behind Emails offering millions of dollars

What do they need from you? In these emails, you would find women and men from different countries around the globe asking you for just some personal information like your passport number, your Id number, your full name etc. In return, you shall become very rich (not really) gaining a share in the funds of the id that emails you.

At times, they would offer you millions and if they’re really dumb enough, they shall offer you a steel mill too. According to our processing units, we are smart and know how well the world functions.

Most of the times we cannot even expect a candy bar from our siblings until or unless they want a favor. Their flavors consist of hiding an issue or covering up for them while they are out and their parents start asking questions, but here the processing unit automatically generates a signal and commands us to laugh out loud.

Don't fall for such phony emails: That’s the bitter truth. Within all of this, there are people who would accept these offers because apparently they either sympathize with them, or they are very desperate to get rich without doing anything.

Maybe that’s how they came about reading such emails in the first place because they are lazy, maybe 40 years old, unmarried and living with their mother. Don’t fall for such phony emails that promise you millions. This is just a scam and nothing more. Who offers millions to a stranger now anyways?

2524 What is the motive behind Emails offering millions of dollars 01

What is the motive? A question must be arising in your mind, why do they actually send us these emails? Well, their purpose is to get your personal information. Later on, you will find so many emails coming from different advertisement agencies filling your inbox.

They just work on to create a database of emails with some personal information. If you are a student, they will collect your information and sell this database to the companies offering student loans or educational institutes.