Quran Teacher takes his last breaths while giving Quran Lessons

A teacher is a very reputable and important figure in the lives of children. They are just as important to a child as their parents because, like them, they are in charge of teaching them the right and wrong and help polish up their future when they do not even know what their life is all about. Earlier this week a school mourned the loss of their favorite teacher who breathed his last while giving a lecture. The Quran teacher was busy delivering his lesson while he began to feel breathless. He called the nearest student and asked him to call the principal saying he felt tired.[irp]

The teacher from across the hall reached the class and on seeing the teacher collapse to the floor called the ambulance. The time wasn’t enough as he was already dead before the ambulance could arrive. Millions of citizens joined the Education Minister Azzam A-Dakheel as he mourned over the loss of one brilliant teacher and soul.

According to the students, they looked forward to his lectures and his classes. They all said he was the best teacher at the school and no one could ever take his place in their hearts as well as their school. The students have been deeply moved by the death of Fahad Al-Hajji who had been teaching at the Hisham bin Hakeem Elementary School in Riyadh for years.

Fahad Al-Hajji’s fellow teacher said that he was very committed to his work and his duties. He possessed a very sweet and simple nature that attracted people towards him and maybe that is one reason why the students automatically connected to him during lectures as well as after class approached him with their personal problems.[irp]

Fahad Al-Hajji was a wise man and was offered condolences by millions of citizens. Such teachers are needed within the Kingdom and all around the world who teach and help students to become better people and human beings.

Source: Arab News

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