95% AIDS infected Saudi Women got it from their Husbands

To be a part of the Muslim world gives the rise to being amongst the righteous. Such are the people who strive to be closer to Allah not only in this life but also secure a spot in one of the seven layers of heaven. In between all of that, we somehow forget that this is the same stance that is offered to women in our society. Despite the fact that most of the teachings of the Quran are directed and attributed to women so that they are made aware of their rights, most men neglect it. It’s a common practice that when we talk about how the women are treated in the Kingdom, people may not be aware but shall comment that they are being mistreated however that is never the case.[irp]

To start off with, there is a common case that seems to be the reason for the mistreatment of women. After years of marriage, when a woman cannot bloom the happiness of being pregnant she is automatically made a victim to blame and also mentally tortured. Even if the fault isn’t of women, they are targeted and blamed for something they have no control over. That’s the bitter truth of our society. In our society, a male would not even consider taking a test to prove that there is nothing wrong with him. So, if we live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where a recent diagnosis proved that so many women have been diagnosed with AIDS, who can be blamed?

It was proven through tests that nearly 95% of the women who were diagnosed with AIDS have gotten them through their husbands through sex. Like every year, the 1st of December was the Annual AIDS day which allowed 48 AIDs check up centers to be opened to the public. With 36 stationaries and 12 mobile, a lot of women and men were diagnosed. According to statistics, there are 21,761 patients in the Kingdom with AIDS. Amongst them, 6,334 are Saudis and 15,427 are non-Saudis. If we look back to 2014, there were 1,222 new patients out of whom 364 were Saudi women, 80 were Saudi men and 778 non-Saudi women.

According to the health ministry, AIDS is transferred through unprotected sex between men and women. In the developing countries, the sex is protected hence the only way of transfer there is through homosexual sex. Apart from that, the disease can be transferred through toothbrushes, razors, tattoo tools etc.[irp]

Within the GCC states, the reason for the increase in HIV cases is somehow linked to the increasing foreign travel, important social transformations in major cities, rising use of drugs through injecting oneself with syringes. The Kingdom is trying its very best to help these people and mainly women b giving out lectures for their protection and early diagnosis.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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