Procedure to give Free Vaccination to expatriates’ kids in Saudi Arabia

Giving Vaccination to your children is one of your basic parental obligations nowadays. All of us know that Saudi Arabia is very expensive in terms of medical treatment.

Especially, when we are talking about vaccination, one-time vaccination costs from SR 500 to SR 1000. Most of the employers don’t cover vaccination at the time of taking insurance policy for their employees’ family since it is very expensive.

As a result of this, you have to pay a heavy amount to the private hospitals every time you visit there for vaccination. Today we are going to describe the Procedure to give Free Vaccination to kids in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, you can take free medicine for your children from Ministry of Health Office for vaccination of your district. This facility is available to both Saudis and Expatriates.

First of all, you will have to locate the Ministry of Health Office for vaccination of your area for the vaccination. Keep in mind; you cannot go to Ministry of Health office for vaccination of any other district.

For this purpose, you can search the Ministry of Health offices for vaccination from the Ministry of Health website or ask from someone in your surroundings about the location of the office.

As we have stated earlier, you cannot go to any office of Ministry of Health for vaccination, you need to the same office where you reside.

They will check your house contract and electricity bill to determine the location. Make sure you go there along with following documents.

  • House Contract
  • Iqama of Parents
  • Iqama of Baby (If you don’t have Iqama, you can take Birth Certificate with you)
  • Electricity Bill
  • Vaccination Card issued to you by the Hospital where your child got birth

Their opening timing is 9:00 am in the morning. It is better to go there 10 minutes before their opening timing to take your token. The token is manual so you cannot book it online.

They close at 3:00 pm but if you have some experience of dealing with government offices in Saudi Arabia, it is always to go to them early in the morning.

Upon your turn, they will check your documents and give you necessary vaccination. Sometimes, they don’t give you vaccination right away and ask you to come at a later date.

Please share your experience of taking vaccination from the Ministry of Health Offices for Vaccination.

The reader who shared this procedure has also shared the location of the Ministry of Health office for vaccination of Al Aziziah, Jeddah. GPS Coordinates: 21.5580014,39.1930907

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