SR 100,000 Fine and 2 Years Jail to those who let Illegal Residents stay in Flats

Earlier this month, raids were carried out in several cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after many residents and Saudi citizens complained about people who seemed to act very mischievous and strange. After the raids were carried out successfully, many expats were arrested who were found to be staying in the Kingdom after their expired Visas using fake documentation. Not only that, but the respective landlords who provided shelter to these men and women were also arrested and had to face fine charges along with prison time.[irp]

Through this, these landlords have allowed people to stay in the Kingdom who might be a threat to the national security. Police in Jeddah detained around 39 landlords who were responsible for providing shelter to 350 illegal expats, including several wanted criminals. These landlords have disobeyed the laws of the Kingdom and now have to go through a jail time of up to 2 years along with a fine of SR 100,000 i.e. $26,000! The illegal expats and people overstaying their visas have to go through the same and then would be deported from the Kingdom, canceling all their future entry into the Kingdom.

The raids that proved very successful were carried out by the Red Crescent, Al-Mujahideen, Civil Defense and other security agencies under the supervision of Major General Masoud bin Faisal Al-Adwani who is city police chief of Jeddah. With the effective carry out of these campaigns and raids, there has been a sudden fall in crime rates as a whole.

Most of the illegal expats seeking shelter in these homes and flats used to pay the higher rent for being involved in illegal activities, including stealing and theft of automobiles etc. Through this, it was also proven that most of the crimes that were committed within the Kingdom were committed by these people who overstayed their visas using fake documentation.[irp]

Now, the government along with other security agencies is trying hard to track down all the offices that support and help them to forge legal documents for these illegal expats. They play a major part in neglecting the laws and putting the security of the Kingdom along with its people at stake. The government and other officials acting in the Kingdom have always outdone themselves when it comes to minimizing the crime rates and keeping their citizens safe from all arms.

The campaign will soon move to search the rural areas as well, such as villages and small establishments. Through this, they will immediately pose a much stronger force and help stop the illegal trespassing of individuals who have been strongly told not to enter.

Source: Arab News


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