Meet Mansour, a Saudi who treats his “Bike” as a “Second Wife”

The craze for bikes: In most recent years, the Kingdom has begun to spring up with the interest in owning and riding motorcycles. Whether it’s the males who are 12 or the fully grown-up men of 25, the passion for riding a motorcycle has grown and expanded drastically.

Mansour: Today, we share the story of a Saudi man with the name of Mansour who possesses a love for motorcycles and has dedicated his life to learning and doing what he loves best. He is one of the finest motorcycle riders who is loving in the Kingdom, he developed a passion for motorcycles at the age of 18.

Unlike others, Mansour was born in a household where both his grandfather and father already had a passion for motorcycles which made it a lot easier for him to pursue his dream and establish a career connecting to something that gives him happiness and defines him as the person he is.

He is known as Bob: Mansour lives in Bahrain currently with his wife and daughter and also works for the United States of America Manufacturer of Motorcycles, Harley- Davidson. 

At the company, Mansour is famously known as Bob who is a team leader at the firm and also helps train the new riders at Harley regarding safety and riding. Since the time Mansour has developed his passion for motorcycles, he no longer feels comfortable driving or riding a four-wheeler.

2512 Meet Mansour, a Saudi who treats his “Bike” as “Second Wife”

He does not drive the car: Mansour told us how he gave away his car to his wife years ago and only uses his bike for traveling. Whether it’s to a relative's place within the locality, or perhaps crossing borders, Mansour has done it all using his bike.

His hobby remains and circles around riding bikes and owning the latest model. Mansour said that as soon as he likes a bike model he purchases it and treats it with great care and love. Though, if he falls in love with another he would sell out his old and bring home the new.

His Daughter: Along with Mansour, his 11-year-old daughter has also grown fond of the motorcycles and at this young age knows how to ride one.  Father Mansour says that he wants to see his daughter as a motorcycle rider when she grows up.

Currently, his daughter is learning for a training center in Bahrain that trains many of the people. Men and children have quickly grown fond of the term of bikes and want to educate themselves just as Mansour did.

The Bike is his second wife: Even in Mansour’s house, his wife calls his bike his second wife and has accepted and grown clear to the fact that if her husband is ever mad or sad, she has to hand him over the motorcycle keys and urge him to head out and take a ride.

That’s how his family has supported him and helped Mansour build himself keeping intact with what he loves most with the people he loves most!

Source: Al Arabiya