Can a Woman Rent an Independent Apartment in Saudi Arabia?

Women in Saudi Arabia without male guardian: There is nothing hidden and misinterpreted about the fact that a woman in the Kingdom is nothing without the name and guardianship of a male figure, whether it be her father, brother, uncle, husband or adult son.

It is a bitter truth that even today; women in the Kingdom are still being treated differently no matter how many laws the government succeeds to pass to restore the rights of women.

Can women rent a house? Women who wish to rent an apartment or shelter must acquire the signatures of one male relative. They cannot rent a house without the signatures of a man. 

The entire situation they have to face is mentally disturbing and also reassures the beliefs of many of us that the Kingdom will never progress forward with the mentality most citizens of the Kingdom possess. 

Why? These women are denied to rent an apartment. The reason is quite unclear, but it may be because the real estate agents cannot trust these women, whether they are able enough to pay on their own.

No matter if she takes her original national ID card along with her family card listing her sons, she would still need a male representative to sign on her behalf. They will have no sympathies that the woman has no family, or no accepting or helpful relatives.

2513 Can a Woman Rent an Independent Apartment in Saudi Arabia

It is not her fault that the family has abandoned her: It ridicules the concept that one day women in the Kingdom shall be given access just as men. Maybe it is not necessary that the women must be exactly equal to the men, but the government should make life much easier for the women who have to go through such differentiation. It is not their fault that the family has abandoned her.

It is not her fault that the husband has decided to get rid of her because he has married someone else. It is not her fault that having a widow or divorced in the house is the thought of her family. We as sensible and people of the 21st century must accept that whatever happens, happens.

We cannot leave the woman who has lost everything to be unable to get back on her feet herself. We are much better than that. We are much more sensible. We are much more human. Aren’t we? We need to step forward to change our society.

Source: Saudi Gazette