A Prisoner convicted of kidnapping and raping several minor girls executed

Earlier this week, a convicted criminal facing a charge of kidnapping and raping several minor girls was executed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The man had been charged with kidnapping girls of minor age, sexually assaulting them and also raping a few of them before he threatened to kill them with a knife. The Saudi Law stands very strict and firm against the ill practices and hold of the people within the Kingdom who are found to break the law.[irp]

The Saudi man, who was residing in the city of Riyadh used to kidnap young girls from different vicinities of the city, abducted them and took them to his home. He would harass them in his car and also in his home. After the man was caught, the girls were examined and reports had shown marks and wounds of sexual assault, also indicating that a few of them were raped. The charge was enough to hold the man for either life imprisonment or execution.

The state went forward with their decision as the Saudi man was proven and found guilty by a court. The execution was done with the hope to calm the nerves of the parents of those young girls whose lives were not only played with, but their young life had been shattered and destroyed already leaving them fatal to news and statements for society. The execution serves to be an eye opener for all those within the Kingdom who think that they could possibly escape the situation of kidnapping and get away with crimes such as raping and sexually assaulting women or minors.

After further investigation, it was also highlighted that he had also kidnapped three other girls but they have not been found from the vicinity of the house of the man. It is still not clear whether those girls are still alive or not, but the Saudi man had not given up their whereabouts. It is possible that the girls had returned home after ransom may have been asked for.[irp]

Such crimes terrorize the hearts of the woman and girls in the Kingdom. One cannot be precise as to who is directly involved and who could prove to be a threat to those around in society. It is advised that parents should keep a clear eye on their children and make sure with whom they are spending their time with.

Source: Al Arabiya

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