Father burned his daughter when she requested to meet her Mother

Over the period when a man divorced his wife, a young girl was fiddling her childhood to choose whom she wished to stay with. At first, the matter remained calm when even after the divorce; the young girl was allowed to meet her mother at regular intervals. After the mother remarried, things got out of hand and the father filed a custody case against the mother and won. This gave the right to the father for selecting who the child could meet.  Not only this, but the father remarried as well and moved to Jeddah. Since she wanted to meet her daughter who was now in the full custody of the father, she also divorced her second husband in the urge of being able to meet her daughter.[irp]

On one occasion, however, the mother noticed a burn mark on the arm of her young daughter. After questioning the four-year-old, the mother came to the attention that her daughter burned her using a lighter. This directly came under a violation of the Saudi Law, where if anyone found physically or mentally abusing a child would lead them to 1 year in prison along with an SR 50,000 fine. The mother reported that her ex-husband had a history of torturing her physically and mentally. At alternate occasions, he would lock the house late at night and sometimes in the bathroom till she would beg and demand a divorce.

After questioning the father, he admitted that he had burned daughter’s arm, but that was mere to scare her. The young girl also claimed innocently that her step mother was also involved in abusing her and torturing her.  Elana, the young girl along with her mother have filed a case against the father for abusing a young child. There were a lot of conflicts already as to what caused the father to take a strict measure against a young girl. It was told that he had done so because she had asked her father to meet her mother.

Elana’s lawyer is right now fighting the case which is ongoing in the Penal Court with the hope that not only the father but all the relatives who have somehow been involved in the child abuse case must be punished and penalized for their acts. The lawyer also said that they have strong chances of winning and also regaining custody for Elana after the father had confessed himself for torturing his own young daughter.[irp]

The mother also said that it did not matter whether he had taken her daughter away from her, but she would by no means leave her daughter in the hands of a man who has already burned a little of the arm just to scare her. She had suffered the abuse, but she will not bear that her daughter goes through the same thing again.

Source:  Al Arabiya

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