When will Muslim World wake up from their Coma?

A recent report had surfaced about a man who had woken up from a long coma. Of course, this man is imaginary and so is the coma, but it serves a good lesson, which needs to be taken up by the entire world. Anyway, the man woke up from the coma and was placed in a room which had cable TV. Bored in the hospital, the man decided to cover up what all had been happening around the world, by watching the news.  He turned on one channel which stated that the Russian commercial plane incident, and that there were mixed reports of it being shot down, or having some technical fault. Naturally, nobody coming out of a coma wants to hear this depressing news so he switched the channel.[irp]

The next news channel showed him videos of Egypt, where the man once had a hotel. He was shocked to see that the place he had visited so many times, a metropolitan land infused with ancient culture and pyramids had gone down to become a war zone between pro and anti-government groups. Now slightly more depressed he changed the channel hoping for some good news. He was immediately hit with videos of the atrocities being conducted in Gaza and occupied Palestine by the Zionist Israeli forces that often kill the sane Jews who come out to support and help the people of Palestine who are actually the rightful heirs to the supposed Promised Land.

The man flipped through the channel only to read that the worst cold war enemies, Russia and America had established military bases right next to each other in a bid to completely eradicate the growing nuisance and threat of the ISIS force. The man did not understand why the entire Muslim world was fighting amongst itself while hundreds and thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters were made homeless, were killed and raped all to accommodate the Zionist empire on the land of Palestine.

The man inquired whether all this fighting all around the world had any effect on the occupant Israeli forces, to which he got a stunning reply. The man was told that although there are not many who openly criticize Israel like Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Nothing is being done for the people of Palestine. While the Muslim world drops tons of bombs on other Muslim countries, the leaders of the Muslim world do not throw even a stone towards the coward Zionists hiding behind their immense wealth and complete and total control of the United States of America, which has to date not even uttered a single world against the atrocities being carried out by the Israeli occupants.[irp]

Surely if the entire Muslim world unites today, Israeli forces will not stand a chance, whether their American touts like it or not. However Muslim countries are engrossed in a battle of egos which will never end. The man then proceeded to turn off the TV, shut his eyes and said that he had been better off in the coma.

Source: Saudi Gazette