Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi Woman to climb Mount Everest

All around the world, there are several huge mountains of varying heights, however, there are very few people who are actually brave and determined enough to reach the top of these mountains.

There are mountain climbing enthusiasts all around the world and some of them have scaled the most difficult and highest mountain peaks in the world.

When we hear about a Saudi woman, the first thing which comes to mind is conservative, loves to shop and not many Saudi women show a knack towards physical activities and sports of any kind, maybe except on the computer or smartphone.

However, this next young woman I am about to tell you has not only climbed the tallest mountain on earth i.e. Mount Everest, but she being a Saudi woman has broken all clichéd stereotypes and any doubts about Saudi women that the rest of the world might have.

Raha Moharrak a 29-year-old Saudi woman has just become the first and youngest Saudi woman ever to reach the very top of the great Mount Everest. Raha Moharrak trained extremely hard in order to complete her quest to reach the top of the world’s tallest mountains.

As was mentioned earlier the Saudi Arabian society is a conservative one, and it took a lot of convincing by the young girl in order for the family of Raha Moharrak to allow her to start climbing.

During her expedition to the top, she was alongside a Pakistani man and a member of the Royal Family of Qatar. Raha Moharrak stated that she is a Saudi woman and has done something which not a lot of men can even dare to do.

She adds that she faced a lot of discouragement; however, she had nothing but support from her parents. Raha Moharrak faced some hard times too as the local community or society did not accept this act.

Right from the moment her family agreed, they were completely supportive of her. Raha Moharrak stated that she doesn’t care about being the first; however, she does want to other people to continue after her and be inspired by her.

Raha Moharrak stated that she did not want to break the gender barrier in her region. Raha was adamant on changing the image of Saudi women in front of the rest of the world and also the image that the Saudi women have about themselves.

Ever since realizing she wanted to make a changed, Raha has been holding various inspirational seminars and motivational speeches in front of large gatherings, in which she shared her experience.

She is also studying for her MBA degree at the Synergy University campus located in Dubai and is specializing in Women’s Leadership. 

Raha Moharrak has been residing in the UAE for quite some time now and she is currently also working as a graphics designer.

She parted with the following message; it is truly amazing how one single moment; occurrence or thing can change one’s life to such an extent.

We need more examples like Raha Moharrak to motivate Saudi Women to bring them in every field of the world.

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