8 Irritating Habits of Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia

Pakistan, much like their beloved neighbor India, is among the top contributors to the enormous expatriate workforce currently employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The expatriate workforce in the Kingdom makes up around 2/3 of the total workforce whereas only 1/3 of the total private sector workforce is made up of the local Saudi population.

Anybody who has visited the Kingdom or worked in the Kingdom know a Pakistani, whether it be a co-worker or anybody else. Though they can be highly helpful, fun loving and hardworking people, there are a few annoying things which some of the Pakistanis do.

Though these habits might be a bit annoying at times, Pakistanis are some of the hardest-working people I have ever met. There are some pleasing habits of Pakistanis as well which we have covered.

1-The most annoying thing which all Pakistanis do, for me, is when they try to imitate the English accent in a ridiculous way whenever they are talking in English. 

I have heard some Pakistanis even speaking their native language Urdu in the English accent. I don't know why but they feel proud to speak the English language in the most English way.

Syed Zaidi: You look very Jealous of Pakistanis English speaking, quick learning and adopting skills because you belong to some very low IQ level nation.

Eeba: Yes, I have come across MANY Pakistanis who cannot speak English and would still insist on speaking in their broken/ fake accented/ terrible English when I can converse with them in Urdu very easily.

2-Secondly if you ever encounter a Pakistani passenger on your way to the Kingdom, you will notice that as soon as they exit the airport door, and are hit with that sweet Saudi heat wave.

They act as if they are completely surprised by the heat in Saudi Arabia, the most famous desert land in the history of Islam. I have been to Pakistan, and in the summers it is really hot, so I don’t know what is all the fuss about. 

Syed Zaidi: Most of Pakistanis here in KSA are from KPK or northern areas which are very cold area and Pakistan has ideal weather with four seasons, and be noted that Pakistanis do not complain about whether they just share their feelings because Pakistanis have feelings.

Eeba: This point I'm not so sure about because I usually get hit by a wave of humidity when I reach Pakistan. But then again, I would not put it past certain wannabe Pakistanis from behaving like that.

3-Another separate yet familiar annoying habit is when they look at a lady, they start staring at her. You can feel from their desperate eyes that they want to tear off her Abayas.

I know, few people are not like this but most of the men are like this. If a lady sits in a taxi with Pakistani driver, he will continue to look through the back mirror until the end of the world.

Syed Zaidi: Most of the males are involved in same practice as you said, not only Pakistanis because here in KSA woman on street is very unique. If the driver will not see from the back mirror, he would not be able to drive safely. I am not sure but it seems that you don’t have any driving experience.

Eeba: Yes, most Pakistanis (key word here being most and not all) would do EXACTLY that and yes taxis are the worst! Thanks to our lucky stars, you are not a female in KSA or you would have learned the difference.

There is a difference between having the driver look in the rearview mirror for safer driving and looking in the rearview mirror to stare at you thinking that if he started just hard enough he just might get past that face cover and see the face underneath.

I call our excuse BS. So don't just go defending because you are a Pakistani.

4-Now, this next one might be the same for their Indian neighbors or probably any other expatriate. Pakistanis love comparing the two countries, for instance, they compare the quality of the roads, to the heights of the buildings and malls.

Pretty much everything familiar they see is up for comparison. This comparison is also for those instances when they perhaps see a low scale area or a garbage dump, they will instantly compare the slums or rundown area in their country. They just want to compare and compare.

Eeba: Oh this one… (guilty in the past) but usually I have seen it more on the other side, as in when they go from KSA to Pakistan and all of a sudden they are way too good for the place.

5-For all the Pakistani foodies out there, this next one is for you. Pakistanis love food, I have seen it with my very own eyes, if there is somebody up for a plan to get a meal or perhaps a feast, it’s probably a Pakistani.

This is great, however soon after moving to the Kingdom, they start complaining about the spicy food. Some of the spiciest and tangy food I have had is Pakistani cuisine so what really is all the fuss about guys.

Go have some Masala Chicken Tikka before complaining about the spicy food.

Syed Zaidi: Pakistani food is not much spicy. Have a look at street restaurants, most of the restaurants are Pakistani and almost all nations enjoy Pakistani food so this point also wrong.

Eeba: I have no clue which part of Pakistan you belong to but yes, Pakistan has some seriously spicy dishes.

I am a spice lover and so just wrap it up coz I have seen a lot of wannabes go ooh this is so spicy not just here but in Pakistan too simply coz they think if they can't handle spicy food that meant they had some western genes in them so yeah!

Stop trying to defend something that is a fact just because it is about Pakistanis.

6-I don't know why, but you can find them spitting every now and then in front of everyone. If you want to see a live example, go to Sharifiya area in Jeddah. Whenever you find someone spitting on the road, go and have closer look at him. 

Out of curiosity if you ask his name and nationality, you would believe me. I don't know what kind of pleasure is there in spitting on the road.

7-I don't know what kind of treasure is hidden inside their nose. You will find them most of the times busy in nose picking. Every now and then they bring out something out of their nose and look around to place them.

I know one needs to take care of his hygiene and cleanliness but what about etiquettes

8-Some of the Pakistanis (not all), stink like hell. I have personally gifted deodorant, body spray, and perfumes to some of them but they never want to use them. I have to open my office door whenever one of those spend a few minutes in my office.