We don’t use “Porm” to lure suspects – Saudi Religious Police (HAIA)

HAIA sued 2 newspapers: The HAIA force or the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Voice has prepared a lawsuit against two local newspapers in the Kingdom who supposedly reported that the HAIA force had been using indecent and explicit photographs in order to lure deviants into their “honey trap”.

In accordance with the report made by the local newspaper against which HAIA is intending to file a lawsuit, the HAIA force has been warned by the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution in Asir that they should immediately stop luring these deviants via various explicit images on the internet.

HAIA was also warned to stay within the criminal procedure regulations which had been laid out by the law of the Kingdom. 

What was the Honey Trap: The complete honey trap incident reported to the Investigation Bureau was that the arrested suspects never initiated any chats or conversations, but was instead started by the HAIA honey trap team who also showed explicit photos to the arrested and asked to meet them, where they were arrested.

The spokesman for HAIA, Turki Al Shalil has categorically denied all of the allegations. He stated that the HAIA force addressed all ethical and IT criminal activities in accordance with the regulations and the law. He also added that HAIA has denied this trapping technique or any other technique which is not permitted by law.

False and Offensive News: Subsequently, two lawsuits have also been made against the Marsad and Makkah newspapers for alleging a serious abuse of power by the HAIA force. The papers had also published false and offensive news in relation to various scholars of Islam.

Whoever has ever visited the Kingdom knows that the HAIA force does not act unless provoked, and if there was a lot of online deviants sharing explicit photos, then it is their job to apprehend and punish them. Media outlets should be ashamed of using their power and outreach in order to mar one of the biggest forces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The HAIA force has been working hard since a long time in order to keep the Kingdom clean of such deviant acts and any other unethical or immoral activity which may tarnish the reputation and image of the Kingdom.

Why would they do it? Why would a force, which was built to uphold the image and reputation of the Kingdom, do something which would seriously tarnish the reputation and image of not only the force but of also their country? HAIA members put their lives on the line while trying to apprehend these deviants.

Recently a member of the HAIA force had been run over and subsequently injured by a young man who was being arrested for being alone with another woman. Sources state that Al Inizi was run over when he tried to stop two young men who were alone with a woman.

After arresting one of them, he was hit by a car and fractured his pelvis. The attacker fled the scene with the woman and the Al Hamra police have issued his arrest warrants, and also for the woman to be questioned once brought in.

Source: Arab News