Why don’t some Arabs feel pride in speaking the Arabic language?

Every culture and every society are famous for its art and language as it is carried down to future generations. Thus having pride in our language Arabic is essential for us. Even if Arabs have not invented many things like the cell phone or a television, there are appropriate terms which can be replaced with the English terminologies.

Arabic should be promoted: The local language, Arabic should be promoted at all times instead of using English words. Just like the term, Hatif is given to a telephone in Arabic, many terms are still left without any Arabic translations like a television.

Arabic will fade away if we don't act: It is not a matter of using English terms, but it is to promote the common language and to ensure it is carried forward to the future generations. If now we opt for easier to understand or commonly used terms in English then slowly all Arabic words will get replaced and the language on its one will fade away.

Whoever has presented their inventions to society, they have given them a name in their native language. Nevertheless, Arabs do not abide by that rule and use the foreign names of new inventions like cassette player and remote control.

For a nation culturally as strong as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they should promote their language and use the present Arabic terms for the foreign terms.

English terms are widely understood: Sometimes they use foreign terms as it is widely understood and it makes it difficult for tourists to travel if they do not understand the internationally standardized terminologies.

Arabs should understand that their language has a lot of history and is on its own rich in culture and reflects upon several other languages.

Speaking Arabic is not a matter of Embarrassment: It is not a matter of embarrassment, it is just that there should be a balance between the use of both terms so it doesn’t cause a hindrance to the tourists and yet promotes the common language.

Many places, May it be stores or restaurants use English terms in their store names instead of the Arabic terms. One should always and under any circumstances promote and encourage and always feel proud of the language of their homeland.

Stores that use titles like “Al-Supermarket Al-Alami li Kafat Al-Mawad Al-Ghida`iyyah” which in English means International Market for All Foodstuffs; they could have easily used an Arabic term for the Supermarket they had used in the store name.

The titles of the store and all form of representation should be done in Arabic; we should be proud of our nation and our language and replace it wherever we can with foreign terminologies.

We should use terms like Arabic Repair Shop instead of Hollywood Repair Shop, we should not have to endorse another country’s name in our country to get work done. The language and culture we have should be flaunted around at all times and we should refrain from corrupting the language and misusing it.

For someone in living in Saudi Arabia, they should always promote their language just as people in America use English for all purposes.

 Source: Saudi Gazette