Arbaeen Lake in Jeddah – Where Hazrat Usman Ghani R.A took bath

Jeddah is one of the most developed and talked about the port city which is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have recently spent SR 13 million on municipality for the Arbaeen Lake in downtown Jeddah, the purpose was to provide a tourist attraction and recreational area for locals however it turned into a public dump, people started dumping their waste in the water polluting it and making it contaminated with diseases which were not suitable for people to be around.[irp]

Being part of a society, it is your duty to keep the city clean. The government provided locals with an opportunity to enjoy with their families by creating a picnic spot for them but they in return exploited the situation and polluted Arbaeen Lake. Sewage is now being dumped in the water making it toxic for the marine life. The lake is around five to eight meters deep covering around 290,000 square meters. History says that the name Arbaeen was originated from the concept that women who would take a bath after forty days in the water after giving birth. Yet again historians state that the Caliph Othman Bin Affan had also taken a bath in this lake after he made the port accessible for the pilgrims wanting to enter Makkah.

Al-Madinah Arabic has discovered that the municipality is not taking any measures to correct and stop this pollution of the lake. The maintenance department is being negligent and the nearby control room has not been visited for years and is merely used as a hideout for illegal immigrants. The equipment which was installed for the lake has stopped working and workers have turned this into a business venture by collecting the dead fish and selling it in the market. The fans which were installed to keep the oxygen level in the water high had stopped working due to the lack of management and maintenance; numerous fish were dead in the Arbaeen Lake which stated that the water was toxic for marine life.

Sulaiman Badawood requested citizens to realize their responsibility and asked them humbly not to dump in the lake and further asked the municipality to have regular cleanups instead of annual cleanups. A highly renowned professor at College of Marine Sciences, Dr. Ali Eshki stated that the lake has lost all marine life due to the toxic gasses which have been proven to be similar to methane gas was highly found in the water.

Professor suggested resorts and proper recreational facilities for the residents of Jeddah so that they could spend time there where they would not dump their waste in the lake and at side enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake.[irp]

The chairman of Jeddah Municipal Council, Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Jundy assured that measures have been taken and will take actions against those who from now dump in the lake. The spokesman of Presidency for Meteorology and Environment, Hussein Al-Qahtani clarified that the dumping f sewage has stopped which had previously led to the growth of algae in the lake.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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