Cheetah enters to a Mosque in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi people are famous for their love of big cats, preferably those who are not at all meant to be tamed and kept as house cats as their nature is quite unpredictable and numerous big cats such as Lions, cheetahs, Jaguars, and tigers often seem to attack their owners, handlers or other people such as family members of the owners. Even with all the safety hazards and risks, Arab people have still kept their love of big cats alive and numerous of these large cat enthusiasts can be seen taking their pets for a drive around town. Naturally not everyone is a large cat enthusiast and some of them are scared of these large cats (naturally we all would).[irp]

In related news, the owner of a cheetah which had escaped its owner’s home and found its way into a mosque located in Buraidah has come out in full defense of his big cat and stated that it is a loving and harmless animal. The owner of the animal, Abdullah Al Nagshimi has been quoted as saying by the media portal Al that his own children regularly play with the animal he considers his pet, without any fear and that his own neighbors also love the animal. Worshippers at the mosque were naturally shocked when the cheetah randomly walked into a mosque and comfortably sat down in one corner and looked at the worshippers in the mosque. A video soon went viral on the social media platforms and raised several important questions such as where did this cheetah come from.

The owner, Nagshimi stated that he had received a telephone call which informed him that a security patrol had been placed to guard the mosque. Nagshimi immediately went there and to his delight say the animal quietly sitting amongst the security guards and citizens. To everybody’s surprise, the animal did not hurt any single worshipper or security official.

Recognizing its owner, the trained cheetah made its way over to him. This act assured all the people inside the mosque that the supposedly wild cat was instead peaceful and domesticated and there was no need to be afraid. Nagshimi stated that he has been breeding these big cats for the past six years as a hobby. He also confirmed to have a lion and Bengal tiger in the past, however now he only has his cheetah.

Al Nagshimi has stated that he has a six-year-old daughter and another six-month-old son. Both of his children regularly play with the cheetah without having any fear. When the cheetah had been bought, it had blunt teeth and the claws had been removed. The neighbors would regularly ask his permission to take selfies with the animal.[irp]

On the issue of the cheetah entering the mosque, Nagshimi stated that on that day he had washed the cheetah in the rest station which was located near the mosque. He had left the cheetah to dry, however, the gatekeeper left the door open which allowed the animal to enter the mosque.

Source: Arab News

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