Fathers are the victims of 90% cases of Parental Disobedience

It is estimated that around 90 percent of all the victims in the cases which involve disobedience towards parents are the fathers. This was part of statistics released by the police in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Viral Video: A source from the police stated that recently a video had surfaced and subsequently gone viral on various social media platforms when it showed an old man in the ailing condition being thrown out of the house with some of his personal belongings.

The source stated that the man shown in the video is a disabled man who had been thrown out by his own son due to the fact that his wife did not want the old man living with them.

Naturally, the video sparked immense outrage and uproar and those who saw the video described it as heart-wrenching. The source stated this while speaking to the Al Madinah Newspaper. The source added that several people have now become disconnected or even lost the sense of loyalty and respect from their hearts for their old or elderly parents. Huda Al Sinary a lawyer at the Eastern Province Human Rights Commission stated that the commission regularly received complaints of the poor treatment of the elderly by their family members. She added that the commission has been working hard to protect the rights of the senior citizens. The Ministry of Justice has also issued a detailed charter outlining the rights given to senior citizens.

The commission has also been working on ensuring the fact that the concerned authorities are actually enforcing the articles of the charter by the Justice Ministry. She also added that the elderly or senior citizens have complete right to be protected from any form of violence. The society as a whole is responsible for the safe keeping of these senior citizens, just as they are with children and especially in those cases where the family has abandoned them.

Fatima Al Dowsary, a social consultant stated that the presence of grandparents in the family is an essential component for the development of society in a healthy manner. However, when the grandparents start ailing and not being in the best of their health, the family considers them a burden. Those desperate enough usually abandon their elderly family members in hospitals, old homes or even on the streets.

Director Ali Al Zawad at The Sayhat Association for the Social Services Medical Complex stated that this old age home is the first of its kind in the entire region. The home currently has 92 residents. Something which most people do not realize is that visiting grandparents at these shelters is very important. The residents feel hopeful and valued when they see their relative.[irp]

Director Al Zawad also added that the association has also been organizing various entertainment programs for all of the elderly residents in the home in order to lighten the mood and lift the spirits and to also improve overall mood. The home also encourages family days and some group activities in order to encourage the family members to interact and participate.

Source: Saudi Gazette