Are your children vaccinated in School with your permission?

A school is one of the most important institutions in any person’s life. It acts as a fundamental building block and sets the foundation for every individual to further develop their skill set which will then be used in their professional lives. Parents feel safe when sending their children to school, or at least they used to. Schools were a place where children would be looked after and developed into better thinkers, brighter minds. Nowadays if we look at some of the more frequent occurrences in the United States, schools have become the primary target of domestic terrorist attacks. Although they might not call it that, but in essence, it is what it is?[irp]

Pakistan also suffered one of the biggest terror attacks at the Army Public School in Peshawar where upwards of 140 children and teachers were brutally killed, marking one of the darkest moments in the history of the country. No matter how much we condemn attacks on the school and sentence the attackers or groups, what shall we do when teachers or school officials themselves are corrupted and work in such a way which can negatively or adversely affect the students?

In similar news, the parents of the students enrolled at an Asian School in Riyadh have called upon the higher authorities to terminate the employment of the principal and vice principal of the school. The parents are agitated and infuriated due to the fact that the children enrolled at the school had been given some vaccination without the prior consent of the parents. A meeting took place in which the parents of the students gathered and requested the higher management of the Sri Lankan International School to have the principal, S.M. Naseer, and the Vice Principal Ghousiya Jaseem removed from their jobs after the issue of the non-consensual vaccination.

Last year the Health Ministry and the Education Ministry had coordinated to launch a campaign to immunize students against mumps, measles, and Rubella (MMR) in all areas of the Kingdom. It is in sync with usual customs for the Health Ministry to give a time period of 2 weeks to all of the schools, prior to the actual date of the vaccination so that permissions can be attained from the parents. Mohamed Ansar has stated that this procedure had not been followed. He also blamed the principal for this occurrence which has caused severe panic amongst the parents. The MMR vaccination had been given to children in grades two to six.[irp]

Ansar added that his 10-year-old daughter, Nadha is studying in the fifth grade, and has been suffering from severe fever after the vaccination. He also stated that he had had Nadha vaccinated a long time ago. The school board is going to be holding an inquiry into this issue. It was also confirmed through local media house Arab News that the principal and vice principal had not come into their offices as of the inquiry.

Source: Arab News

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