Procedure to Attest Documents from Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia

As a basic rule of thumb, all the documents issued by any department of Saudi Arabia are not accepted by any other country unless a proper procedure has been adopted to attest them.

If your child is born in Saudi Arabia and you have got a birth certificate of your child, you need to submit it to the Pakistan Embassy to get a passport.

Similarly, if you have married in Saudi Arabia, you need to submit this to the Pakistan Embassy to change the name of your wife. As stated earlier, these documents will not be attested by the Pakistan Embassy unless a certain procedure is followed.

Today, we are going to share with you the detailed procedure to attest documents from Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Attestation from the MOFA: If a document is issued from a Saudi Department for example birth certificate or marriage agreement or any other department, it needs to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

A stamp from MOFA will make this locally issued document acceptable to all other countries. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

Take a Token from Pakistan Embassy: Once you are done with the attestation by MOFA, it is better to go to Pakistan Embassy or Consulate and get a token for the attestation of documents.

Although some other process has to be done on the document which has been attested by MOFA, you would be able to save some time. It is always better to go there just before Duhr prayer and get your token.

Translation of Saudi Document: After attestation from MOFA, next step is to get the document translated into the English language. There are many translators sitting in front of the Pakistan Consulate Jeddah and around Pakistan Embassy Riyadh.

They charge around SR 20 to 50 for the translation of the document. They will fully guide you what you need to attach the document.

Mr. Umer Qureshi has commented below that NO translation is required anymore. Submit birth certificate attested by MOFA along with one photocopy of birth certificate and one copy of your NIC / Passport. A fee of SAR 15 will be charged per certificate.

Submission to Pakistan Embassy: Now you can go to the Embassy or Consulate and wait for your turn to submit the translated documents or the originals as the case may be.

If you have taken token just before Duhr prayer, they will ask you to come back at 2:00 pm. Be there on time, many people who have taken token would not come back. Best time is between 10:30 till 11:30. You can collect attested certificates at 3 ‘O clock same day.

Fee for the attestation of documents from Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh or Jeddah consulate is following;

Degree or DiplomaSR 8SR 16
Metric, Inter, School Leaving CertificateSR 4SR 6
Driving LicenseSR 4SR 6
Marriage Certificate from PakistanSR 15SR 28
Marriage Certificate from Saudi ArabiaSR 41SR 80
Passport Copy/National Identity Card CopySR 9SR 18

After submitting the documents and payment of the fee, the officer will tell you about the expected time at which you can come back and collect the attested documents. You can come at that time and collect your documents at the specified time.