A Kiss to Camel could be a Hug to Death

Camels have always been a matter of great pride and wealth for people in the Arab lands for centuries. They are amongst the first animals that walked the surface of the earth and have been used by people from all around the world. In the Muslim world, the camels are also sacrificed during Eid-Ul-Azha. Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, camels were used profoundly for their abilities to walk in the barren desert and prevent themselves from sinking into the sand and also for going on without water for a number of days. These innocent creatures have only been a blessing to mankind. Though, now things have to be looked differently.[irp]

A few days ago, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made an announcement warning the citizens to stay away from camels and make no contact with them, or their products. Since the news hit the media and flashed against every single television screen in the Kingdom, most of the Saudis have done exactly what was asked not to do. Saudis have lashed out at the government for thinking that camels could prove as a threat or harm the Saudis. Apparently, there have been numerous citizens that have been hospitalized after being diagnosed with a deadly virus, known as MERS virus. Most citizens used the very social media to express their thoughts over the news by posting pictures and videos, either hugging or kissing camels.

Despite the warning that was issued by the government, the people of the Kingdom are beginning to care less about the consequences as if to them, the matter is nothing but a rumor. All the videos and pictures that are circulated over the internet showing people kissing these camels and posting captions saying that the camels are not the ones endangering the lives of the citizens.

In order to prove this, they had no issue in kissing camels on the mouth either. The Kingdom’s authorities were shocked by the amount of social representation such a serious matter had gained. It was equally worth noticing how humorous the matter was treated as.

There has been a total of 500 Saudi patients that have been affected by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and now the virus has spread from Saudi Arabia into Europe, Asia and even in the United States of America. Those who die within the process of their treatment is around 30% to those who are infected. There was a video that was made very viral via Youtube that telecasted a Saudi shaking the head of a camel while asking her questions as for whether she has Corona or not.[irp]

Other Saudis also lashed out saying that the virus is amongst the people from the city and has nothing to do with camels since they are now only found in villages and tribal areas. Most Saudis also spoke about the importance of these camels how they are much more valuable than petrol.

Source: Al Arabiya


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