Saudi Man starts his education again at the age of 90, It’s never too late!

Who else could have displayed a better example of the phrase “It’s never too late” as the Saudi man at the age of 90 still has the strength to carry on and complete his education?

The world is well aware of the need for education and how every single individual whether young or old is entitled to learn and receive an education. Without education, life has become extremely tough for anyone to survive.

It doesn’t matter whether you have tons of gold or piles of cash. Education is now the only thing that matters in order to define a person in any corner of the world. This 90-year-old man is so determined in achieving the goal he has set out for himself that his recent road accident injuries could not even stop him.

He has made up his mind and will not wait for anything, or until he has fully recovered. He believes that he has wasted much of his life of being deprived of education and now in the little time he has been left with, he will do whatever in his power to complete the target he has set for himself.

Awaid Raja Al-Anji is an example for not only people of his age but also an example for the children in the Tayma region in Tabuk province who are not all entitled to an education in their years of innocence.

Not long ago Awaid suffered severe injuries to his legs and is hence unable to even walk properly. Despite this, his strength is worth applauding as he goes regularly to the Al-Jahra center in the Tayman region in Tabuk province.

When Awaid heard about the project that was launched by the government to reduce illiteracy, he knew he was given a second chance and he mustn’t let go of the opportunity.

It is worth noticing that not many people in the age as Awaid even realize that they have missed out on some important things in their life. Awaid not only realized that he was deprived of what was his right but also used the project to make things right for himself.

Now every day when Awaid returns home from the Jahra center, he sits and enjoys discussing things with his grandchildren as they come back from school. It’s an extremely emotional situation for the 90-year-old as he finds himself lucky to get a second chance that not everyone can ever avail.

At his time in the center, he makes sure that he remains an active part of the educational activities. On returning home, like a child, he reviews all that he has learned and shares it with his family.

Awaid is a role model and his act can motivate all those who think they have wasted much of their life ignoring the necessities of life.

The trend of getting education among old people has been increasing in Saudi Arabia as a few weeks ago we published a news story about a Saudi mother and her daughter graduated from the same university.

Source: Al Arabiya