3 Signs that your Hajj has been accepted by Allah

Five Pillars of Islam: Being able to perform Hajj is a blessing for all Muslims. Since it is one of the five pillars of Islam, Muslims must abide by it and try to fulfill it in their lifetime if they can afford it.

Unlike Salah and Fasting, Hajj is an act of duty that can only be performed if the Muslim can easily afford the journey and the expenses, along with making sure he is leaving behind enough for his family.

All the sins are forgiven: This is an act of worship that man owes to Allah. Through performing Hajj, man is given the chance to erase all his sins he has committed in the past. Through Hajj, man is given a new slate. What could be better than this absolutely nothing!

In the Quran it says, “…Pilgrimage to the House is a duty owed to Allah by all who can make their way to it…” (Quran 3:97).

According to the Prophet S.A.W, the Umrah performed to the next Umrah performed is a Kaffarah of all sins that one has committed in between them while the performance of Hajj is a manifest action whose reward is Jannah.

Hajj Mabroor will guarantee you Jannah: We as Muslims should know that only our accepted Hajj will give us the rewards and His Mercy and Forgiveness, nothing more. The Prophet SAW said, “Verily there shall be no reward for a Hajj Mabroor (accepted Hajj) except Jannah.” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Those are lucky and blessed whose Hajj has been accepted by Allah. They are the ones whose deeds have been forgiven and forgotten. They are as pure and clean as a newborn who has just escaped through his mother’s womb.

How to know if my Hajj has been accepted? The more important question that now most of you would ask is how one can know whether their Hajj has been accepted by Allah or not.

One doesn’t need to ask anyone for the answer but instead take a good look at his own actions. That will give them the answer they have been searching for.

1-In order to know, you must look at how the Hajj has transformed you. Has it not affected you in any way Are you still committing all the tiny sins that you did every day even after performing Hajj

2-Have you run away from all the things that Allah has disposed of

3-If you become a better Muslim than before you left, you can take a sigh of relief and be grateful that perhaps your Hajj has been accepted.

Source: Arab News