Procedure to get Health Insurance of Newly Born Baby in Saudi Arabia

If Allah has blessed you with the blessing of a child in Saudi Arabia, you should get his Health Insurance as soon as possible to avoid paying medical bills from your pocket.

If family status has been given to you by your employer, your employer will be taking care of the Health Insurance of the newly born baby. You just have to provide him necessary documentation required for this purpose.

In this article, I will be explaining the procedure to get Health Insurance of newly born baby in Saudi Arabia. Following this procedure, my son was subscribed to his Health Insurance in the first week of his birth.

Many people wait for months as they do not know the correct procedure to get Health Insurance of newly born baby in Saudi Arabia.

Birth Notification: After baby’s birth, get baby’s birth notification paper from Hospital where the baby is born. Before you say thanks to Hospital management make sure that all information mentioned in the baby birth notification is correct especially your and your family Iqama ID, name, birth date, time and most important baby’s name.

Don’t forget to make sure that baby birth notification must have hospital stamp and doctor/ medical officer’s signature.

Hospital takes around 1 week to issue this Birth Notification so it is better to apply for it just after the birth of a baby. They need Iqama of father and mother of the newly born baby.

They will ask for the first name of the baby from you. Your first and second name on Iqama will be following the first name of your baby.

Getting Health Insurance: Once you have birth notification issued from Ministry of Health in your hand, you need to contact your employer to subscribe for the Health Insurance of the newly born baby.

They will take a copy of the birth notification issued to you by Ministry of Health, a copy of your Iqama and copy of Iqama of your wife and process the request.

If your company is in the good books of the insurance company, they normally issue a certificate of insurance within few hours. Your company’s respective official will print and give this insurance certificate to you.

This insurance certificate contains the membership number of your child. You can use this insurance certificate to get medical treatment for your baby. Within few days, you will be receiving health insurance card for your newly born baby.

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