SR 150 fine for Eating while Driving in Saudi Arabia

In order to discourage unfocused driving on roads, state authorities have decided to impose a fine of 150 Saudi Riyals on the people who are caught drinking a beverage or eating some food while driving a vehicle.   It is published in many daily newspapers of the kingdom that officials of Traffic Authorities have clearly mentioned that eating a snack or drinking something while driving a vehicle, as well as using a cell phone, are categorized among the violations those cause distraction on the road.[irp]

It is really sad that traffic authorities launch different campaigns to create awareness among road users and the drivers are focused especially, fine on violations is also imposed even then the drivers don’t care much about these warnings and awareness campaigns. People indulge in different activity while driving and lose their focus on road and they are much likely to cause an accident.

Different studies and surveys have proven that people who get busy in eating or drinking something while they are driving a vehicle are likely to lose to an extent of 40 % of their concentration on road, while eating or drinking it is also very tough job to keep the vehicle moving in straight direction in the specified lane.

A study about driving habits and causes of accidents that were conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA has concluded many facts. It proves that the people who get busy with eatables while driving are the cause of increase up to 80% in chances of accidents. This study also shows that up to 65% “near miss road accidents” were the results of unfocused driving by those who start eating or drinking while they are driving as well.[irp]

Though using cell phones and chatting during driving is also very much dangerous but these studies and researches have made it clear that eating and drinking is much more than sending texts. It is also important to mention that Islam ordains about the safety of life. It is the duty of every individual to avoid such things which may harm his life. So, being a Muslim rash driving and unsafe driving is a sin as well.

Source: Gulf News

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