Issuance of Tailor Visas for Males is banned at Ladies Shops

When it comes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of events and topics of interest that catch the ears and eyes of those who are visiting the Kingdom or will now continue living within. Amongst these people, there is a large force of expatriates that enter the Kingdom for job purposes, deeply engaged in setting for themselves a career. They are offered opportunities in the Kingdom, a chance for them to establish a career for themselves and earn a living that was not offered back home. With the thousands of people entering the Kingdom every year, the Kingdom now holds a large enough population of expats working in different sectors.[irp]

Has this has any negative impact on the Kingdom? There is a lot of work, a lot of projects that are being worked on to beautify the Kingdom day by day, there are several projects and buildings developed in order to make the lives of the Saudis luxurious etc. So, where are all these projects being funded and boosted from? Of course, the expat force is utilized and brought in from different underdeveloped or developing countries of the world so that they can trade their knowledge and expertise for a career and better lifestyle. This method has been very beneficial for the expats, but perhaps not for the Saudis who are not employed in a number as they should be.

Recently, the government has come into a better understanding of the situation in the Kingdom and worked on ways to try and allow women of the Kingdom to work instead of expats. The sector that will now reject visa applications of expats entering the Kingdom is for tailoring women clothing and other related shops. The government and related officials have already begun making all the necessary changes needed.

They want the women to work in this sector as this will enable them to work if they need it and they can also abide by the norms set by the government. This way, they will be permitted to work in a complete woman workforce without having any unnecessary interaction will the male counterparts.

Expats have done a great job and have continued to help themselves in the sectors of engineering, doctors and even on the lower scale. Perhaps now these plans will benefit the Saudi women and help them feel they are an almost equal part to the ever-growing economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

It is already very disheartening to see that the women are sometimes very reluctant to pick up jobs considering the environments they will be put into work. Through this, they will be making money and work, using their valuable time effectively and produce what is bound to benefit the economy. These plans have been implemented after a very long time, but it should be credited that all the necessary steps are taken almost immediately to ensure that no one ignores this and accordingly work can begin.


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